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A few tips for grilling a good steak

Steak, as a traditional western cuisine, is one of the most common foods in western cuisine. In the European Middle Ages, beef was a symbol of dignity, and only princes and nobles could eat it. At that time, they also added peppers and spices, which also enjoyed a distinguished status, to the steaks for seasoning. This method has been passed down to generations to this day, and therefore it has achieved the unique status of today’s steaks. The popularity of steak has made this kind of delicacy gradually welcomed by the public, and many people have learned to grill steaks by their own.

In order to grill a good steak, in addition to having a suitable kamado grill, you must also master some tips for grilling steak:

  1. Choose the right steak:

(1) Prime (preferred)

The quality of steak depends largely on the fat content. The preferred steak is the highest quality, and the fat content is generally 8%-11%, which is the most ideal. This type of steak is only available in high-end restaurants, and it can often bring you the most delicious taste.

(2)Choice (selected)

This kind of steak is more common in supermarkets, the quality is still good, the fat content is generally between 4%-8%.

(3) Select (normal)

Usually the quality of this kind of steak is very ordinary, it can be said that it is the lowest standard for steak, its fat content is only 3%-4%, the gravy after grilling is also relatively small, and the taste is not good.

  1. Choice of taste:

Good ingredients often only need simple seasoning methods, and a single seasoning can achieve the most original taste of the ingredients; the various and complex seasoning can also extend the steak flavor and obtain another taste enjoyment; the taste is more subjective It depends on personal preference; I personally prefer authentic food cooking, so grilling steak with single seasoned salt and black pepper is the best flavor. Regardless of whether it is for the tenderness of the steak or to increase the flavor, it is not recommended to choose refined salt. The grains of refined salt are small, and the impact on steaks is small, and it is easy to be unevenly distributed. Coarse salt can really play a role on steaks, decompose the protein in it, and bring out the taste of beef. For the best choice for the time of adding salt: Experiments have shown that adding salt 1 to 2 minutes before grilling or marinating with salt for more than 40 minutes before grilling, the beef taste is the most tender and juicy; as for black pepper powder, It can be added when the steak is marinated, or it can be added after the steak is grilled.

  1. Bring the grill to simmering heat

Before grilling, the rack should be heated until it is piping hot. Of course, this is not to burn the grill, but to make the steak taste more delicious. Because usually when grilling steak, the surface is first cooked with a high fire to lock the internal gravy, so that it will taste fresh and tender.

4.Rare steak is the most scientific and common sense

If you don’t like more mature steaks, then Rare is your best choice. This is not a personal point of view, but a general recommendation from professional Western chefs. Because rare steak is the most ideal, this rare steak can highlight the meat quality and juice flavor of the steak itself, giving you the most perfect sensory experience. Relatively speaking, a slightly under-cooked steak is not easy to chew, while a well done steak will appear too hard and inflexible, and at the same time it will lose the original taste of the steak; How to choose the beef that suits your taste depends on your personal preference.

  1. The grilled steak only needs to be flipped once

There is no doubt that grilling steak needs to be turned over, but it is also very important to rotate the steak when grilling the same side, because sometimes the grill does not necessarily guarantee the same fire power, and proper rotation can make the steak evenly heated. After this side is grilled, you can turn it over, but you should remember that you only need to turn the steak once, so as to ensure that each part of the steak receives the same amount of heat on the grill.

  1. Control of raw maturity

Before food thermometers were invented, the rawness of steaks was basically judged by visual inspection and grilling time and heat. Now with the food probe thermometer, the rawness and maturity of the steak is strictly controlled by people.

  1. Be patient

After the steak is grilled, it needs to wait for 5 minutes before being eating. This is to allow the delicious gravy to spread to the whole steak to make it full of flavor, so that the heat from the beef will gradually dissipate, and then you can get it right enjoy your deliciousness.