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Self-driving travel with Barbecue grill

Self-driving travel is the best way to get close to nature,Along the way driving with RV,enjoy the beautiful scenery,where you can find a place to stay at any time.It’s convenient and freedom.Also it is the economical way can save your money for travel.In many European and American countries,There are both luxury and popular options.No matter which one, RV travel is suitable for the whole family and friends to travel freely,No need to find and book hotels in advance .There are many RV owners who will also rent a site at an RV camp for a long time to park RV there.

An caravan is like a small hotel that you don’t need to carry too much when travelling;Just prepare fresh foods for mini bar stores,and with some clothes ,then you can start the pleasure travel with family and friends.

Smoke are inevitably produced during the barbecue process.Considering the environmental protection and safety,Here introduce a new innovative External-heating mini kamado grill:Supports Portable gas stove,electric infrared stove,Alcohol stove and Kitchen gas stove.As it is without charcoal burning ,It is light smoke and easy cleaned,Durable 20 mm thickness of ceramic body offers super thermal insulation..

The barbecue taste is almost as well as the charcoal bbq flavor.Single BBQ cooking can offering the foods for 2-5 peoples,which is one of the ideal choices for kitchen stoves during the RV travel.