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Single BBQ is not lonely! Kamado Small Grill

             After a hard day’s work, what should I do if I don’t want to drag my tired body to the barbecue restaurant outside, but I want to enjoy a delicious barbecue? Haiju HJMK is committed to developing a new miniature version of the “Kamado” grill that can be used in the kitchen. Compared with barbecue, it is more difficult to get angry, and the taste is more tender. You don’t have to go out, enjoy hot and fragrant kebabs, steaks, chicken wings, sweet potatoes, and grilled whole chickens at home! !

             Kamado Braised Oven, with a diameter of 35cm, is suitable for high-rise families and outdoor RVs. When using it, you only need to put the marinated vegetables, seafood or meat and other ingredients, no need to flip, no need to skewer , bake evenly.

             In addition, the low-smoke design is intimately adopted, and it will not cause the problem of oily fume overflowing when used indoors. The bottom layer is equipped with an oil accumulation basin and a residue chassis. After baking, it can be pulled out and directly disassembled and washed.

             This product supports grilling, roasting, roasting, rinsing, and supports multiple heating methods.

             The biggest feature is that it can roast large pieces of meat and difficult-to-cook foods, such as roasted whole chicken, roasted sweet potatoes, roasted potatoes, roasted pizza, bread, etc…

             The product is small and portable, and can use a variety of heating methods.