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The use of barbecue smoke box

     The smoking box is mainly used in conjunction with the gas oven. The gas is a clear energy source, colorless and tasteless. If it is used for barbecue, it will lack the pyrotechnic flavor. Through the smoking box, the smoke will become many flavors, which will change the taste of the food and enjoy the barbecue , Barbecue taste. In addition, the use of these stainless steel smoking boxes can be used to make some delicious smoked cheese, barbecue, smoked chicken or smoked almonds and so on. Even if you have a gas grill or oven, you can still use this small barbecue tube to eat some smoked chicken.

1、Little knowledge about smoke

     Smoke is a composite mixture of solid, liquid and gas produced during combustion. The exact composition of the smoke depends on the material being burned, the amount of oxygen available, and the temperature of the combustion.

     Hardwood smoke is full of various flavors and aromas. When the smoke passes through the food, some of the compounds will be absorbed by the food, so that the food also has the flavor of flue-cured tobacco.

    The usual method of injecting roasted smoky flavor into food is to add wood chips or sawdust to the fuel and burn them with the rest of the fuel. If you want to get more smoked smoke, you can buy some different wood chips and put them in the smoke tube and light them together.

2. About the smoking box

     There are many different shapes of smoking boxes, and the materials are also divided into stainless steel, iron, and copper. Barbecue and smoker is a perforated metal container used to contain smoking particles. You fill it with pellets and ignite it at the open end.

    After lighting the wood fuel, blow out the open flame. The ignited end will emit smoke, producing a delicious smoke. Depending on the size of the test tube network, this will produce smoke for 2-4 hours.

    Generally, a 6-inch network pipe will continue to produce smoke for 2 hours, and a 12-inch network pipe will continue to produce smoke for 4 hours.

3. How to use smoking box and smoking tube?

       How to use the barbecue smoke tube, in fact, it is not difficult, only a lighter is needed.

     1. If you are using the HJMK sea-gathering external heat type kamado kamado braising oven, just fill the smoke box with wood pellets and place it on the stove core. When the stove core reaches the ignition point during cooking, it will be fine. It will ignite, the wood chips will burn, and smoke will be produced. If it still seems dissatisfied, please add more, you can buy more small boxes.

      2. Place one end of the smoking pipe upward and place it on a fireproof surface (such as a grill grate or concrete floor). Use a lighter to ignite the wood pellets on the top of the network tube. After being ignited, it continues to burn until the flame disappears.

      3. Let it burn for 5 minutes, then blow out the flame. Just keep putting smoked food.