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professional Kamado Ceramic Grills manufacturer in China since 2012. To expand our production line, we have built our factory in Jiang Su province, covering areas of 12800 square meters. (Jiang Su province is the major region of ceramic clay in China, Which has thousands of years of history in ceramic and is full of ceramic masters.) With our design department and 8 engineers, the HJMK factory has innovative design capability and manufacturing technology, Continuously developed a large number of energy-saving, different designs of indoor & outdoor ceramic grills and accessories.

          HJMK has gradually become a leader in the ceramic grills industry. A large quantity of our kamado ceramic grills was exported to European and American countries for years. Our main markets are in Europe, South America, America, Canada, etc. We expect more opportunities around the world!





Production process


Mechanized Operation

Mechanized operation guarantees furnace size specifications

Appearance Guarantee

Experienced skilled workers guarantee appearance, color and quality

Twenty production processes

Produce a qualified furnace through nearly 20 processes

Four quality inspections

The production process has undergone 4 quality inspections to ensure quality

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Room 0905, Zhongtian Meijing Building, Pingshan Street, Pingshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

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