Factory Photos


Stir Dry lngredients

According to the production
process of ceramic,Prepare
different kinds of mix clay,
Then putinto the vacuum
deairing machine stirring.

Stir the mud

The mud come out from the
machine will be cutinto a length of mud seperately, Then putinto the machine repeating the process for several times.

Machine making

Hand worked or machanized
forming for the ceramic body shell.


Artificial embryo removal.


QC check the ceramic body
appearance,make sure there
is no warp and no flaw.


Drying the ceramic body shell in certain ambient.

Bisque firing

Bisque firing is the necessary
process before glazing,to improve the strength of embryo so as good for decorating,reducing the loss. 


QC pick up the cracked item
after bisque firing.


Glaze makes the appearance
of ceramic body looks crystal clear,and increace the mechancial strength and insulation property of ceramic. 

Glaze firing

Glaze firing is in the high temperature of 1000 celsius for 10 hours firing.This kind of high temperature causes
chemical reaction,thus makes the composition , perfromance and the color changes on the hard ceramic body . 


QC check the product after glaze firing,make sure the glaze looks brightly, uniformatly and qualified.


Assembling the metal part on
the ceramic body.


QC checking make sure all the
assemble process is ok.

Packing accessories

Packing accessories seperately,
make sure all the standard accessories put into the package.


Packing the ceramic body and the accessories seperately,Then put into another carton box.

Delivery goods

Loading goods,delivery by air,
by sea or express for options.