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What Can You Do with A Mini Kamado Grill?

Mini Kamado grill is a ceramic grill heated by natural gas stove, portable natural gas stove and electric ceramic stove.

The natural gas known as clean energy is to heat the kamado mini grill through the heat-conducting core by indirect braising, which not only retains the unique flavor of modern kamado charcoal grill cooking, but also can be more environmentally friendly and healthier.

Kamado fans know that the history of Kamado can be traced back to Asia 3000 years ago, and why it is so popular.

However, due to the weight and size restrictions of the charcoal kamado grill, in order to make this grill benefit more people and make it more convenient to use in various places indoors and outdoors, a new type of natural gas heated mini kamado came into being.

So what can the mini kamado be used for?

beef steak

The 13-inch mini kamado is a multi-functional grill. Except being used for grilling, baking and roasting, the two modules inside the ceramic body can be used to make Korean barbecue.

The advantage of the Kamado grill is that it can retain the heat and moisture of the food while grilling. It has an incredible effect on the taste and texture of the food and can make the food more tender and juicier.

As long as you grasp the required temperature of various cooking methods and the temperature control method of the mini grill, you can bake bread, pizza, grille steak, pork chop, slow-roasted chicken, ribs, etc.

       Roasted chicken on mini kamado grill

          Baked pizza on mini kamado grill

Grilled chicken wings on mini kamado grill

        Two Modules in Mini Kamado for                              Korean-Style Barbecue 

Basically, the mini Kamado grill can be heated by a natural gas stove, portable natural gas stove and electric ceramic stove to provide heat for the food cooked on the grill.

The airflow flows from the heat-conducting core of the furnace to the top vent, and the oven thermometer on the furnace cover can display the internal cooking temperature. By adjusting the firepower of the heating device and the top vent, the temperature can be controlled so that both high temperatures can be used for frying and low temperatures can be used for slow cooking.

Compared with the carbon ash and other residues generated at the bottom of the charcoal grill after burning coal or charcoal, users need to specialize the finishing work of cleaning up the carbon ash, the mini Kamado grill eliminates this trouble. After the grill is completely cooled down, take a clean damp cloth to wipe the glazed interior, and the cleaning of the ceramic body is completed.