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What is Mini Kamado Grill?

As the name suggests, the mini kamado grill is a reduced version of the large-size kamado grill. It is a technologically innovative braising grill based on an egg-shaped design and high-temperature ceramics as raw materials. So apart from the difference in body size, what does the technological innovation of the mini kamado grills manifest itself? That is the innovation of heating method.

The traditional Kamado oven has always used the heating method of burning coal or charcoal in the fire box for cooking. It is loved by a variety of people because it can be cooked in a variety of ways on the grill and the unique ceramic material brings the unique flavor of the food. Due to limited heating methods and size reasons, the ceramic grills have been only owned and loved by users who have home backyards. However, how can people who have tasted the flavour of ceramic kamado brings be willing to be limited by it? Therefore, the innovative portable multi-heating mini kamado grill was born!

The new mini ceramic bbq adopts an external heating design and is heated by a gas stove, portable gas stove or electric ceramic stove. The 18KG grill weight allows kamado enthusiasts to take it indoors and outdoors. Whether it’s camping, beach party or hotel villa party, as long as it is equipped with a portable gas, even if you want to come to the RV for a long trip, the mini kamado can also be used to bring exquisite delicacy on the journey. Not to mention, just put the grill on the gas stove at home, grill, bake, braise, and do whatever you want. The benefits of mini kamado is far beyond here. Then what is special about it? Have you eaten Korean barbecue? Do you like Korean barbecue? If there are any, then this new feature of mini kamado is your surprise. The design of the mini kamado is ingenious, and each module is designed with great care. The two modules in the furnace are taken out separately, put on the portable gas stove and put on a piece of silicone oil paper to make a proper Korean barbecue. As long as you have enough ingredients, you can eat Korean barbecue every day if you want, or you can take it wherever you go.

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