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What Are Kamado Used For?

Kamado is a ceramic bbq grill that uses coal as fuel. It is made of ceramics. The history of Kamado can be traced back to Asia 3000 years ago.

It is a multifunctional grill, you can use it not only for grilling, but also for baking, or smoker cooking (Smoker). The advantage of the Kamado grill is that it can maintain heat and smoke while grilling, which has an incredible effect on the taste and texture of food.

kamado baking
kamado grilling

Top chefs like to use the best kamado grill for cooking, because it can heat up to an astonishing 399 degrees Celsius which is an excellent temperature for grilling steak. And the ceramic body has amazing insulation properties, which means that the charcoal will continue to burn and maintain high temperature of about 10 hours. This makes them very suitable for frying, roasting, smoking and long-term slow roasting.

kamado roasting
kamado smoking

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