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Is Gas barbecue food safe?

At present, the popular barbecue grill on the market, in addition to the ordinary charcoal-type Kamado ceramic grill; there are also various gas-type grills. that is, grills that use natural gas as fuel to directly or indirectly grill food;Some people may ask, does natural gas contain toxic substances and can it be used as barbecue fuel to grill food?


The answer depends on the situation; natural gas is produced from oil and gas fields, mainly composed of methane and a small amount of ethane, propane, butane, carbon dioxide, oxygen and hydrogen sulfide. The methane content of natural gas produced in gas fields is as high as 95%, and the methane content of natural gas produced in oil fields is generally about 80%; the main component of natural gas is methane. Methane itself is a non-toxic gas, it will produce carbon dioxide and water when it is completely burned, and it is safe and non-toxic to the human body. In the case of incomplete combustion, carbon monoxide which is harmful to the human body will be produced, which will cause pollution to the grilled food and adversely affect human health. If you grill food directly with natural gas, the fire generated is uneven, and it is easy to cause the food to appear “externally cooked and internally grown” or burnt. Eating this kind of food will also have an adverse effect on human health; therefore, it is best not to use natural gas to grill the food DIRECTLY.

It is recommended that natural gas be used as gas fuel instead of as an oven to directly grill food. Natural gas itself is a kind of clean energy, which is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and is mainly used for fuel combustion for energy. If it is a small barbecue dinner for 2-5 people in the family, it is recommended to use the professional HJMK mini kamado grill for barbecue. It uses natural gas as fuel for indirect grilling, and the food does not grilled directly on the flames. The cast iron furnace core is heated by nature gas as fuel, and then the heat is transferred to the enamel grill pan and ceramic body through the cast iron furnace core; The thick ceramic furnace body has excellent and long-lasting heat preservation performance. In this way, food is isolated from gas, which is not only safer for the human body, but also the food is evenly heated during the roasting process. The braised roast HJMK ceramic kamado locks the moisture and nutrition of the food, and the roasted food is delicious and healthy, which is very suitable for daily use in small-sized family kitchens. Less cooking oil smoke, easy to cleaned, high efficiency,It is a daily barbecue kamado grill that is very conveniently for lazy people used.