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What does the name kamado mean?

The original kamado was an old Japanese-designed stove. When it was first used, the “kitchen” was a structure separated from the main house. The most prominent feature in the building was a wood-burning ceramic stove fixed on the earth floor. The large, bowl-shaped jar nestled tightly in the hollow circle on the top of the stove. The temperature of the furnace and the combustion of the heat source in the box-type housing are regulated by an adjustable vent system. The design of the lid of the clay pot was finally improved into a shallow, inverted bowl to better collect and retain moisture. The design of the lid of the clay pot was finally improved into a shallow, inverted bowl to better collect and retain moisture.

To maintain the characteristics and advantages of this old grill, modern kamado smoker grill was finally designed. The ceramic kamado grill uses a unique aesthetics, high-quality metal accessories, ergonomics, safety and environmental performance, and has its soft design characteristics on the basis of this inheritance. The ceramic grill is also unique for all seasons. The ceramic grill combines innovative ergonomics and sets a new level in the design of the charcoal grill. 

Advantages of best ceramic grill smoker

1. It is a closed container with thick furnace wall, heat is not easy to lose, and the temperature rises quickly. When it reaches a certain temperature, it has the functions of constant temperature, heat preservation and reflection temperature. It can “lock” the moisture of the food during grilling. The food will not dry and taste good.

2. It is suitable for “simmering” large pieces of meat and “whole chicken”. Compared with ordinary charcoal grills and gas stoves, it has the advantages of short time, thorough cooking, and energy saving. It is the best stove roasted pork knuckle (German’s Favorite) !

3. Because it is “simmered roast”, the food is not easy to burn. According to authoritative evaluation: “simmered roasted” food has less nutrient loss, and the food will not be “charred” and will not cause cancer. Therefore, the kamado barbecue method is the healthiest and most worthy of respect. 

4. Ceramic kamado bbq grill is durable (a stove can be used for at least 5 years, and the cost of household expenses is low). It is easy to clean and suitable for various cooking methods with many accessories such as: baking, stuffing, brazing, steaming, boiling, etc. Kind of cooking. It can also bake pizza, burgers, hot dogs, etc. Chef’s favorite!

5. It is an ancient barbecue method of the most traditional, safest and most natural! It is also a popular barbecue stove!

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