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Why is it easy to get angry when eating barbecue, but not foreigners? ?

             Barbecue is probably the most primitive cooking method for human beings. Traditional grilling uses fuel to heat and dry air, and places the food in the heat source to heat the food. The high temperature method reduces the moisture in the food, but the food is eaten. In the stomach, to digest normally, it is necessary to absorb the moisture in the body. If the moisture in the body is absorbed, the body will become dry and will naturally get angry. This is an analysis of a netizen who gets angry after eating barbecue! !

             Barbecuing is actually divided into two types. The one that is commonly used in China is directly grilled over an open flame. The other is braised. It is more commonly used in North American countries. It is to grill the food in an airtight jar with a lid. The food is not in direct contact. flame.

             Chinese people generally like the first type, which is grilled over an open flame, but this type of grilling is not good for your health! Barbecuing directly will dry out the moisture of the food, and it is more likely to cause fire. If you don’t turn it over in time, it may be coked. The biggest health problem of eating barbecue is the accidental eating of coked meat. There are harmful substances in the charred meat. We all know that meat is rich in protein. If the fish is burnt during grilling, the protein will be cracked into low-molecular amino acids and then mutated into harmful chemicals. Amino acids are actually beneficial to the human body, but if normal people consume too much, they will become fat, causing diseases such as high blood pressure, high blood index, and even diabetes.

             In North American countries, they usually use braising. The HJMK sea poly kamado braising oven is commonly used. The working principle of the ceramic braising oven is to first heat the ceramic body and shape it into heat reflection to bake the food in the oven. Cooked, because the entire process is completed in a sealed environment, the food is fully heated to maximize the original flavor of the ingredients, while ensuring that the food does not lose moisture, so that the meat is more fresh and tender, and the most important thing is that it is not easy to get angry after eating.

             Professional braising equipment, equipped with a damper and a thermometer, can always pay attention to the temperature in the oven, because different foods have different suitable temperatures. It can be achieved during the barbecue process, low fire and slow roasting, food thermometer can be controlled at all times, and the barbecue is a bit cooked at the moment! ! It can avoid the problem of food charring and coking and reduce harmful substances.