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Beef slices instant boil—10 minutes barbecue cook

Be tired of big lumps of brisket?Do you want to change to eat some light taste,tender and juicy small slices of beef?Well, the Korean barbecue can meet your requirements.When you handle the following main tips,you can easily to enjoy the DIY Korean barbecue at home.


  1. A set of proper Korean BBQ grill.The material of the grill pan is preferable made with non-adhesive coating.Therefor the beef slices won’t be sticked during BBQ cooking.The BBQ grill always assembled with oil collection pan.So the oil won’t be dropped onto the fire when cooking,which may effect the taste of the beef slices.For 3~5 people’s meal,It’s suggested to prepare a portable gas stove so can sit around the dining table to cook and eat.

2.The marble beef,you can buy fresh beef in supermarkets and vegetable markets, 2~3 kgs, depending on the number of people who eat barbecue.Some lettuce.

3.The appropriate sauce, can be raw garlic, soy sauce and sesame oil mixed,;can also put sesame paste or chili sauce.

 All material prepared,start to marinade the beef slices.Wash the beef , cut slices and put it in a bowl.Put and mix the peoper amount of peanut oil, raw powder, soy sauce, ginger slices, onion, black pepper, salt, barbecue material, cooking wine into a small bowl.Pour over to the beef slices and marinate for 15 ~ for 30 minutes.

All right, It’s time to start instant boil BBQ cooking !Put the BBQ grill pan and the oil collection pan on to the portable gas stove. Start lighting;Pour two poons of peanut oil over the grill pan and brush evenly on the pan .(The grill pan with oil covered is not easy for the beef over-cooked ).When the cooking temperature raised,put the beef slices onto the grill pan.It is suggested that the fire burns not too much,Or the beef will be over-cooked.Remember to turn over the beef slices,Roast both sides of beef,After 8~10 minutes,A fresh,tender and juice beef slices is ready to service.

Pick up the beef slices wrapped in the middle of the lettuce leaves, and then dip in some sauce. The tender beef and fresh lettuce mixed together.You will NEVER get tired of eating it .

Video operation guide: