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Barbecue non-stick paper “use of silicone oil paper”

Instant-boil how to avoid stick pot

             Silicone paper is often seen in some barbecue shops, and it is also a more commonly used packaging paper for external use, commonly known as “anti-sticking paper.” Silicone paper has a wide range of uses. Silicone paper and tin foil are the most commonly used in barbecues. What is the difference between them?

Barbecue non-stick paper, use and performance of silicone oil paper

  1. Silicone paper has high temperature resistance, moisture and oil resistance, and can be used for instant-boil and packaging in the food industry.
  2. Moisture-proof and oil-proof characteristics, so that silicone oil paper can isolate one product from other products.
  3. Silicone oil paper can be used for packaging of electronic products, automobile foam, and also for printing industry.

The difference between barbecue non-stick paper silicone oil paper and tin foil

             Silicone oil paper is a kind of high temperature resistant baking paper that has been siliconized. A piece of silicone oil paper can basically be used repeatedly 2 or 3 times. If the oil paper changes color or sticks to a lot of residue, it should be replaced. When using the HJMK sea poly braising oven, the baking tray module is equipped with silicone oil paper during the baking process, which can effectively prevent the meat from sticking to the baking tray, and it can also achieve the effect of not easy to burn. It is very suitable for baking, in many high-end A piece of silicone oil paper will be used for hot-bake in the restaurant, which can be replaced at any time after using it for a period of time. After use, it is also convenient to clean the bakeware. If you buy a cake mold, the anti-sticking effect of the toast box is relatively poor, and it is inconvenient to demold. You can also cut the silicone oil paper into an appropriate size and put it inside the mold to facilitate the demolding of the finished product. In addition, when making Chinese dim sum such as steamed buns and steamed buns, you can also use silicone oil paper to pad the steamer, which also has an anti-sticking effect.

             The thermal conductivity of tin foil is very good, and it has airtightness. When baking some formulas of meat or vegetables, wrap the ingredients with foil, which can lock the moisture well and make the food appear fresh and tender. When baking biscuits or bread, tin foil can also be used to prevent adhesion. When roasting meat, we can also put tin foil on the bottom of the bakeware to receive grease, which is convenient for cleaning the bakeware.

Other uses of silicone oil paper

  1. Food packaging. Silicone oil paper is a good food packaging material, it has the function of high temperature resistance, moisture and oil resistance.
  2. Isolate the product. Silicone oil paper has good moisture-proof and oil-proof characteristics, and is very resistant to high temperatures, so it can be used as a tool for separating products from other products.
  3. For printing. Silicone paper has a good oil-repellent effect, and the texture is much tougher than other paper materials. Silicone paper can also be used in the printing industry.
  4. Electronic product packaging. Silicone oil paper is very resistant to oil and oil, so it can be used for packaging electronic products.
  5. Silicone oil paper can be used for automobile foam.