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The outdoor kitchen BBQ area

In most of the European and American family houses,You will find the nice scenery like saw on movie and on TV,With garden courtyard at the front or back door.The wide courtyard, the beautiful garden,Makes life is full of pleasure and enjoyment.

In addition to planting flowers and plants, and preparing various garden leisure spaces with pastoral scenery and rustic style, what role do these courtyards play? This is what they call Outdoor kitchen—an open kitchen built in the back garden. Because their country has a traditional barbecue food culture, and with the tireless pursuit of the taste of meat; In this way, barbecue all kinds of beef, pig, chicken, lamb, etc. as a way to entertain relatives and friends as a party delicacy.Because traditional grilling started with charcoal grill, Ceramic charcoal grill has continued to the present ,because of its unique flavor. In addition, charcoal bbq grill and kamado charcoal grill cannot be used in indoor kitchens. One is unbearable of the smoky cooking oil; the other is that the burning of charcoal will produce carbon monoxide, which is unsafe for the human body. This forms their unique courtyard-style barbecue area.

These courtyard barbecue areas can be stone-stacked slabs with BBQ gas grill or Kamado gas grill on top,;or wooden table-top slabs with inlaid BBQ grills; or directly move the Kamado grill to small wooden hut area; even if the Kamado smoker oven is simply used on the lawn, it also looks very fresh and special. Take a look at some of the very beautiful courtyard barbecue kitchens found on the Internet. Do you feel a sense of happiness that is worthy on the earth in your heart?