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Grilled meat-one of the oldest dishes in human history

            Barbecue literally means to grill all kinds of meat, poultry, and land animals on the fire. This is the simplest and original cooking method. Developed to modern times, there are actually many types of grills, including grilling, braising, and shabu…

            It is no exaggeration to say that it is one of the oldest dishes in human history. Mankind invented hunting tools, learned how to deal with fire, and learned how to cook food naturally, and at the same time learn to cook food on fire. This is the most direct way of cooking that lasts for thousands of years. People still use this method to make food until now. , And it is also a very popular way of cooking. I think he is the first meat dish that mankind has learned, and the meat dish that lasts the longest.

            In terms of barbecue, South Korea is also a country with a long history. Even in the Goguryeo period, there was a record of a barbecue called Maekjeok. Except for the Goryeo Dynasty who avoided eating meat because Buddhism is the state religion, barbecue has always been a popular dish, and now, beef is the most popular.

            In Korea, the most popular method is to grill the cut pieces of meat on an iron plate or grill. Beef and pork are very popular, and Korean three-leaf meat is the most famous. Speaking of butcher shops, of course, they are restaurants that sell yakiniku, and the popularity of yakiniku has skyrocketed.

            There are many yakiniku restaurants run by Koreans in Japan, and many Japanese know that shabu-shabu comes from Korea. Of course, Korean butcher shops are indispensable for Japanese tourists to South Korea. It’s cheaper than Japan, the quantity is large, and most importantly, free supplements of vegetables and side dishes! You will find Korean dishes such as bibimbap (bibimbap), naengmyeon and yukgaejang (ユッケjan). Lettuce (sanchu) and namul (namul) are also used in Korean.

            Barbecue in English, it is abbreviated as barbecue or shabu-shabu. Korean barbecue is also called Korean barbecue in the English-speaking world. With the spread of Hallyu culture around the world, Korean barbecue is becoming more and more popular in the West, and Westerners like it very much. Especially many Westerners are surprised when they see pork belly being roasted.