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Mini gas kamado grill—-Your right choice for outdoor travel

As soon as weekends and holidays arrive, the plan to meet friends for a barbecue dinner begins. Of all the items that need to be prepared, the bbq grill is the most important and an indispensable barbecue tool. Maybe you already have a large 26-inch dome Kamado grill, or you already have a cart stainless steel gas grill, and you plan to use your existing bbq grill for a outdoor barbecue party . But sometimes the plan can’t keep up with the changes, and a few friends who have arranged a dinner can’t attend your barbecue party for a while. It was discovered that for a barbecue dinner with only 3-5 people, the 26-inch and 24-inch Kamado you own have become a bit too big, and it feels like an overkill when you take it to an outdoor barbecue. Moreover, to transport these big oven guys is also exhausting human and financial resources. The exciting bbq party that you had expected becomes not so good anymore.

On the weekend, you arrange a few friends to have a barbecue dinner in your backyard garden, and your friend brought his children to your home as guests. You use the big grill in the backyard to start barbecue together. Halfway through, you found that a large piece of smoked beef you prepared ,as the marinated taste is too heavy, which may cause the barbecue lunch to be unsatisfactory. At this time, Re-roast new brisket in the big oven has also become very hurry. Your friend’s child has been coming over and asked expectantly, when can I eat barbecue? As the host, you are also embarrassed by an unsatisfactory barbecue….

The holidays are about to begin, you and your wife are going to take a three-day RV travel to commemorate your third wedding anniversary. In order to enjoy barbecue during traveling, you are going to bring the 21-inch Kamado charcoal grill that is readily available at home as a cooking utensil for RV travel. Just when you are about to put this oven on the RV, your partner comes to remind you taht Charcoal barbecue can not be grilled in the RV, too much soot and not safe for used. When you say that you can move out of the RV and go to the outdoor barbecue. Your partner looks upset. She doesn’t want this big dome guy squeeze your limited RV space. You also start to feel distressed because of this problem. . .

tips for kamado barbecue

Is there a kind of kamado grill ,with small appearance but wide grilling areas,Can offer barbecue for 3~5 peoples.and it is a kind og gas grill that portable for outdoor camping,RV travel used?nothing is impossible.

Shenzhen HJMK design a kind of 13 inch mini gas bbq kamado grill that will offer multi-function for your multi-requirements.

It is small egg shape won’t take up much space.Double grilling grid area,offer rich barbecue for 3~5 peoples.18 kg only ,with handles ,even a slender girl can easily move it.You can carry it for outdoor used with portable gas stove.It supports grilling、roasting and instant boil.which also friendly for high-rise residents who don’t have the backyard ,take it on the kitchen gas stove,one touch to start bbq grilling.With it, you don’t have to go to restaurant for barbecue anymore.