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Which is the best BBQ grill you have ever used

             There are various types of ovens in the market, which are mainly divided into three categories, charcoal grill type, electric heating type, and gas type. Household ovens are listed. The traditional one is the price of charcoal grilling at 50-500 yuan. , The trendy ones are mostly electric ovens, the price is 400-2000 yuan. The price of a higher specification braising oven is 1500-5000 yuan. It is not suitable for domestic households. Let me talk about charcoal grills. The charcoal grills on the market are basically barbecue grills. The smoke is very large and can only be used outdoors, and ordinary high-rise residents cannot use it at all. The second type is an electric oven. This type of grill uses nickel-chromium materials and electric wire heating. It is mostly used in barbecue shops. The smoke is still very large. There are relatively few households. The household is a shabu-shabu oven. Put the heated nickel-chromium wire under the baking pan without touching the oil, so as to reduce the oily smoke. Although the shabu-bake is delicious, it is only cut into thin slices and is not grilled in the true sense. There is currently a gas-fired grill on the market. A grill using a small tank of gas is priced at 3000-5000 yuan. Although it is convenient, it can only be used outdoors.

             I’m not going to sell it anymore, what I’m going to say today is that I have used it for more than a year, HJMK kamado “camado” braising oven, a type of external heating grill, it should be a braising oven to be precise, because His principle is to braise and roast food. Why is it called an external heating type oven, because its heating method is to heat the stove through external heat, so that the entire stove is heated, and then the food inside is braised. The external heating type design changes its heating method Diversified, gas stove, alcohol stove, electric ceramic stove, small cassette stove, etc.

             It can be grilled indoors or outdoors. Although a small amount of oily smoke will be generated when roasting a large piece of meat, the point is that he can use the kitchen gas stove to heat it, and he can turn on the range hood. If it is used outdoors, it can be heated with a small cassette stove, and the product is also suitable for RVs, yachts, outdoor places and other places. A barbecue grill that can be used in different scenes and venues.

             I mainly bake this stove at home. I bake it in the wild no more than 5 times. On weekends, I will bake some sweet potatoes, corn and other miscellaneous grains. The most grilled are chicken and beef. The biggest advantage is that you can grill large pieces of meat. Braised whole chicken. I usually have limited time after work at night, and I also use him to cook beef and lamb. The whole family sits together to cook the barbecue. Shabu-shabu is mainly convenient and can be eaten right away. You only need to take out two of the modules in the furnace. It can be reassembled into a shabu-shabu oven.