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Brazilian barbecue RODEO

             Ashamed, until last week, the meat-loving Big Mouth Yaya has never been to Toronto’s most authentic and oldest Brazilian barbecue RODEO, which is also the first Brazilian barbecue themed restaurant in Ontario. Speaking of meat, I have always loved all kinds of skewers and Korean barbecue. But after going to RODEO last weekend, I found that the experience of Brazilian barbecue and the exotic samba style are totally different from the others.

             The essence of Brazilian barbecue can be described in four words: passion is like fire, and the entire dinner experience can also be described in four words: passionate. We went on a weekend with live performances (a little bit more expensive on weekends, spending $50 per person with all-you-can-eat food, usually $40). I definitely recommend everyone to go on weekends. There is no difference but the entire dinner experience is completely different.

             The live band first played the brisk South American music that created the atmosphere, and when the taste buds were almost satisfied by the food, the climax again was the Brazilian girl’s passionate samba performance, which can be said to be a high turn of the audience! Let me start from the beginning…

Aspect 1: All-you-can-eat buffet appetizers can't stop

             I’m ready to have a big barbecue, so I want to save some appetite and eat 18 kinds of barbecue. When I saw those dishes on the buffet appetizer bar, Big Mouth Yaya immediately surrendered and took two rounds just after eating these appetizers! There are about 50 kinds of delicacies in total, each of which looks super exquisite and inviting, completely different from the style of ordinary all-you-can-eat restaurants.

             I chose about ten samples to taste, each with a small bit, still wanting to keep my appetite for the main barbecue. It turns out that everything is great! Prosciutto ham, smoked salmon, tomato-boiled mussels, avocado salad, thyme mushrooms, etc. There are many unnamed dishes that you can’t eat elsewhere!

             In fact, if you don’t like grilled meats or vegetarians, you can consider only the all-you-can-eat appetizers, and the charge is $35/person.

Aspect 2: Authentic high-end barbecue

             When the appetizer is almost the same, the waiter will ask you if you are starting to eat barbecue and come to help you change the plate. One more thing here, the beautiful and handsome waiters here are all nice, with Brazilian enthusiasm and smile, which is rare in other all-you-can-eat restaurants, isn’t it?

             When you start to eat barbecue, everyone will give a small sign, the front is green, and it says “I AM STILL EATING”. As long as this side is facing up, the waiter carrying various barbecues will come to you and cut the shelf. I’m here for you. The back of the small sign is red (a bit like STOP SIGN). If you turn the sign upside down, it means “I’m full”.

             Waiters holding various barbecue racks constantly appear in front of you, chicken, beef, mutton, and pork. Smiling and telling you what kind of barbecue is in your hand, if you like it, you can slice it for you, and you can use a fork or a clamp yourself. Take it and put it on the plate.

             Dazui Yaya couldn’t eat the 7th type of barbecue! Here are a few super delicious ones, the best is the restaurant’s signature grilled meat, Picanha with top Sirloin beef! The taste is fresh and tender and rich in layers; Brazilian Beef Steak, which tastes like sirloin; Pork Parmesan sprinkled with a lot of cheese is also good, full of milk flavor; and you must not miss the grilled chicken heart, marinated in a variety of fresh spices and extra mellow olive oil The sweet heart, the taste is very different!

             Since it is advertised as the most authentic Brazilian barbecue in Toronto, the taste must of course be cooked in accordance with the original Brazilian flavor. According to reports, the salt here is imported from Brazil specifically for barbecue.

             The sauce for the barbecue is great! The two dipping sauces in the restaurant are made by the chef himself with original ingredients. There are no chemical additives at all, and the taste is very good. It is said that customers often ask if they can pack the sauce for takeaway!

             Also, I must not forget to tell everyone that I must try the caramel-baked pineapple as a dessert in the end! In addition to barbecue, grilled pineapple is also a major feature of Brazilian barbecue. The fragrant caramel roasted pineapple is marinated with three different Brown Sugars, which are Golden, Dark and Organic. A special dessert with caramel on the outside and golden inside. Take a bite, the flavor is rich and fruity, and the juice is rich, quite delicious!

Aspect 3: Knife light show samba dance with enthusiasm

             After eating the whole meal, I was deeply impressed by the slicing knife that kept shaking in front of my eyes. It’s a bit cautious for this kind of sword, light and sword, but the handsome Brazilian waiters are as light as swallows, shy and polite, with smiles on their faces, making these barbecue grills and knives that shuttle in the restaurant a show.

             Rather than saying that this is a gourmet meal, it is more appropriate to say that this meal should be regarded as a feast of visual taste and emotions! Every Friday and Saturday, special people will be invited to perform singing and dancing. The hot girls in gorgeous carnival costumes dance to the enthusiastic samba music, and the body dance conveys the passionate South American style, making you feel like you are there Brazil. In the future, the hot girls will even come to pull the diners and jump together, which is especially lively and fun!

             To sum up, it is very lingering, not just good food, it is a passionate experience!

             Super Tips for Life: Don’t be tempted by appetizers and eat too much, you have to keep your stomach and eat the best barbecue! Don’t eat everything. Barbecues are divided into different types. If you eat all of them, you will be out of the game if you eat the best one. Finally, remember not to eat too quickly, otherwise you will definitely be there. Hold your belly out in 45 minutes.