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5 BBQ Tools and Accessories for Camping Kitchen Equipment

5 BBQ Tools and Accessories for Camping Kitchen Equipment

Nothing beats the experience of cooking outdoors and over an open fire. Whether the flame is a campfire, a portable ceramic grill, or an underground model provided by a campsite, grilling tools and accessories are the key to a successful camping picnic.


If you’re new to cooking outside the home, you’ll quickly discover that nothing makes camping cooking easier than having a proper set of grilling tools and accessories to complement the camp kitchen gear you usually pack. Because they’re designed for outdoor and open flame use, grill accessories are often more durable than indoor cookers, making them the perfect camp kitchen tool.


In this post, we’ve rounded up the best grilling tools and accessories to use as camping kitchen gear, including:


Tongs (or turner and tongs)

BBQ gloves

Smear brush

Meat thermometer

Barbecue basket

Let’s cook.

1. Tongs/Turners and Tongs

A durable set of tongs or a turner and tong combo is useful in any campsite cooking situation. You can easily flip food or pull foil-wrapped vegetable bags from the fire without risking your fingers, or use them on a propane camp stove like you would at home.


For those who prefer to be well-prepared, we recommend that you carry multiple pairs of tongs—one pair of long-handled tongs for the fire and one pair of short-handled tongs for the camp stove.

2. BBQ Gloves

Barbecue gloves can be used to protect your hands from flames and also prevent frostbite if you like to camp in cold weather. Made of heat-resistant materials, BBQ mitts protect you from heat and burns when handling hot cooking utensils or in direct contact with flames, making them ideal for campfire cooking. The best grilling gloves also come with silicone handles to make sure nothing slips out of your fingers.

3. Applicator Brush

Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean your food shouldn’t be seasoned and seasoned properly. An applicator brush is the easiest way to season meats and side dishes during the cooking process, even while camping.


Ensure good sauce coverage by adding a high-quality applicator brush or sauce mop to your line of camp cooking tools:


For the easiest cleaning, we recommend using a silicon brush.

For thicker sauces, such as marinades, a spreader brush is better for application.

For thinner sauces, such as glazes, sauce mops provide the best coverage.

4. Meat Thermometer

If you cook around a campfire, a meat thermometer is one of the most important grilling tools and accessories in your camping kitchen gear. With less temperature control, it’s important that you know that the meat you’re cooking has actually reached and maintained the proper temperature so you can be sure your food is done and avoid food poisoning. Times may differ from what you’re used to, so using a thermometer can prompt you when to take food out of the flame to avoid overcooking and drying.

5. Barbecue Basket

Cooking while camping, even if it’s fun, isn’t usually the best setup for any cook (unless that’s you) – you don’t have the usual instruments and utensils, and there’s usually more wildlife to deal with. There’s no worse time to give up what you’re working on, because replacing it is often not easy and sometimes impossible.


Packing your food in a rotisserie basket will ensure that nothing will inadvertently burn to ashes. The kebab basket can be used to easily cook many menu options over a campfire, such as kebabs and kebabs, fish, vegetables, chicken, burgers, and more.


Traditional grilling tools and accessories easily double as camp cooking tools, making campfire cooking as painless as possible. Don’t find yourself unprepared – make sure you pack the appropriate applicator brush, tongs, meat thermometer, grilling mitts, and grilling basket into your camping gear.