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9 Mistakes to Avoid When Grilling at a Tailgate

9 Mistakes to Avoid When Grilling at a Tailgate

Everyone loves a good tailgate party; it’s America’s favorite pastime. If your hobbies include sports, grilling, and quality meat, this guide is for you. We’re going to take a look at the top 9 mistakes you can make when using your portable grill backsplash. Whether you’re hanging out before the big game or just hanging out in the backyard, check out our tips for avoiding common tailgate grilling mistakes.


Safety First

Kids in the yard

Dirty grill

BBQ in an enclosed space

BBQ too close to anything

Don’t look fat

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Run out of fuel

Grilled cold meat

Cooking with flame

Safety first

Your safety comes first. We’ve put together a list of the top mistakes grillers make when tailgating on portable grills can compromise safety. in the yard

Wherever you are tailgating, there are probably young people around. Sometimes we adults get distracted, and that can have very serious consequences.

Always make sure your grill is under adult supervision. Pets and kids may be running around and having fun. If they don’t pay attention to where they’re going, the result can be a burnt or even tilted portable charcoal grill.

2.Dirty grill

The grill master who prides himself on his craft maintains a clean grill. But life happens. Maybe it’s been raining heavily since your last grill and you haven’t had a chance to scrape the grill.

A grill with residue from your last picnic will not only make your grill taste “bad”, but it can also lead to flare-ups. A barbecue fire is sure to ruin your tailgate party, so take steps to avoid it.

3.BBQ in an enclosed space

You might be camping, tailgating under an awning, or even (yes, it’s done) trying to grill indoors. If you’re grilling in an enclosed space, you’re making one of the most common trailing mistakes.

Whether you’re using a gas grill or a tailgate charcoal grill, grilling indoors or in tight spaces can be very dangerous. Carbon monoxide poisoning is no joke – make sure your grill has enough breathing room so you can do the same.

4.Baked too close - well, anything

Likewise, grilling in an enclosed space is a bad idea, and it’s not a good idea to grill too close to other objects. If you’re not careful, low-hanging tree branches, patio furniture, and even deck railings can catch fire in no time.

Don’t forget your body. Don’t stand too close to the grill, and always use heat-resistant gloves at all times. Even the fright of a minor burn can lead to bigger grilling problems.

Be sure to allow enough space for yourself and the grill before setting up the backsplash. Portable grills have one great feature – they’re portable! You can put them in a safe place and enjoy your tailgate party safely.

5.Don't look fat

Get a drip pan for your grill if you haven’t already. Whether you have a Big Green Egg, Traeger or Weber, there is a pan on the market that will fit your grill. After all, the best portable grills are drip-controlled.

Now, having said that, you need to be wary of grease and fat dripping from your food onto the flames. As you know, fat drips can cause flare-ups. This is usually not a problem when you are cooking one or two pieces at a time. But if your grill is overloaded, it can quickly become a very big and tricky problem.

Limit the meat you put on the grill and watch what drips into your embers. Dividers also help you transfer dripping meat to the less prone parts of the grill.

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Safety obviously comes first, but what about the taste of your baked goods? Here are some common mistakes to avoid when trailing to preserve the flavor of your food.


We’ve already discussed how not paying attention to the grill can quickly ruin a good day. But it can also quickly ruin delicious food.

If you can, try to keep all four hands on the deck. With two people in charge (or in charge!) of the grill, you’ll be less likely to be distracted by games or a beer in the cooler. This can help keep your food from overcooking, and possibly save your reputation as a grill master.

7.Run out of fuel

Whether you’re tailgating with charcoal or gas portable gills, you’ll be sure you can keep your baby hot. Before you go to the party, make sure you have enough fuel ready.

Forgetting fuel can be catastrophic. You may not be able to serve your guests. You may have to rush to the store. At worst, you’ll unknowingly undercook your food and your guests will get sick.

Avoid this common trailing mistake and stock up before you go.

8.Grilled cold meat

If you’re going to the big game at your tailgate party, you’ve probably packed your meat on ice. Be sure to give it a little time to thaw and come to “room temperature” before tossing it on the grill.

When you put cold meats on the grill, they take longer to cook to a safe temperature. This can lead to two possibilities: meat cooked on the outside or uncooked on the inside. Both can be avoided if you turn down the temperature of the meat before cooking.

9.Cooking with flame

The best grill masters know that the proper way to grill your tailgate grill is to slowly burn the embers. Remember, you are grilling, not building a campfire. It’s tempting to have a fire on the grill – they look cool after all – but it will definitely ruin your food.

When you cook food, some natural outbursts occur. You’ll see those exciting little bursts as the fat drips into your coals. But perhaps as sinful as cooking over a flame is the habit of some chefs to squish their meat to create an artificial flame.

Please don’t cook over an open flame; this will not create delicious food. Please don’t flatten your meat; the result will be a super dry meal that no one will like.

Winning in Trailing: Avoiding Amateur Mistakes

Whether you’re new to tailgate grilling or have been cooking steaks on a portable grill for half a century, you’re likely to make a mistake or two. This list of the most common trailing mistakes is common sense, but following our rules of success may save your trailing reputation.