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DIY Pizza Baking at home

Pizza is a popular food in Western countries all over the world. It is a food that originated in Italy. 

A delicious pizza, in addition to the well-fermented pizza base, fresh ingredients and fragrant cheese, there is also a suitable stove to make it. You can use electric pizza ovens, Electric air fryer, charcoal Kamado ovens, gas Kamado grill oven etc.; 

today I will introduce the methods of baking delicious and crisp regular pizza at home:

Ingredients preparation:140 g high-gluten flour ,60 g low-gluten flour, 110 g water, 14 g olive oil, 10 g caster sugar, 2 g high sugar-tolerant yeast, 1 g salt

Ingredients needed for the sauce:Moderate amount of salt, sugar, tomato sauce, black pepper powder, cheese

Types of side dishes required:200g minced meat, 8 cooked shrimps, appropriate amount of green pepper shreds, appropriate amount of red pepper shreds, appropriate amount of onions, corn kernels, and peas


  1. Check that the furnace body is clean and there are no residues. The impurities and grease generated carbonized will affect the taste and hygiene of the food.
  2. Prepare the well-fermented pizza dough in advance.
  3. Take out the cooking grid,wrap it with double foil ,The cooking grid with edge raised side placed upwards.
  4. Brush a layer of tomato sauce on the pizza dough, sprinkle a layer of cheese, shredded green pepper, shredded red pepper, onion, then sprinkle a layer of cheese, minced meat, shrimp, and then sprinkle a layer of cheese, corn kernels, peas, and finally Sprinkle a layer of cheese.
  5. The above ingredients are in no order. Different ingredients can be added according to personal preference, or the ingredients can becooked in a frying pan before adding.
  6. Turn on the gas stove switch,Totally open the top vent ,After preheating the kamado oven for 10 minutes; the temperature rises to 125°C,Put the pizza onto the second layer grill grate,Rotate the top vent to 1/4 level.
  7. Baking for 25 minutes.Close the switch.Pizaa is ready for service.
  8. Temperature shall always controlled within 125-140°C ,If over 140°C, turn off the switch to cool down to 125°C ,then turn on to continue.

Have you handled the above simple method of making pizza?