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Five kinds of fruits suitable for grilled

China’s food culture is extensive and profound. Adhering to the concept that everything can be grilled, it has explored various delicious and juicy barbecue methods on the tip of the tongue. The Chinese people have the great courage to explore and innovate in the application of barbecue ingredients, making extraordinary contributions to the happiness of human beings. Today, I will introduce several kinds of fruits that can be grilled at home; through the magical chemical changes of fruit barbecue, It tastes so good that you can’t stop it.

Of course, the premise of all this is that you must have a BBQ grill that can be grilled at home—a domestic gas grill. Due to the limited space in the kitchen, we recommend a 13-inch mini Kamado gas grill. It’s elegant and multi-functional. Put it on the gas stove, and you can turn on the switch to start the grill mode. It’s also a friendly kitchenware stove for those without grilling experience. It is easy for controlling the temperature. As long as the temperature is controlled, it can be used for braising, grilling, roasting and instant roasting at any time. A variety of barbecue methods to meet different ingredients for you. Of course, grilled fruits are also included. Below are several kinds of fruits suitable for grilling.

Grill water chestnuts

It is a fruit that can be often eaten in the south. The water chestnuts we usually buy outside are boiled with sugar water, and they taste crunchy and sweet. This way of eating is too common, and you will get tired of eating too much,。so the merchants came up with a new idea, that is, peel the water chestnuts and grill them. The taste is even better than boiled in sugar water. .Water chestnut is a fruit that grows in water, so it will breed a lot of bacteria.When after being grilled at high temperature, it can not only sterilize and disinfect, but also taste better!

Grill Citrus

After the sweet and sour citrus is heated, the nutrients of the citrus peel can fully penetrate into the pulp, and eating one more bite of grilled citrus is equivalent to absorbing one more nutrient. However, when grilling citrus, it is recommended that you use an oven or microwave to ensure that the citrus can be heated evenly.

Grill sugar cane

Sugarcane is a kind of very sweet fruit. In fact, it is a bit troublesome to eat, but there are also grilled ones. It is also an interesting attempt. It can be grilled and eaten in winter. It is sweeter than normal and tastes super good. , I don’t know if you all like to eat this, maybe some water will evaporate. Sugarcane is also a fruit rich in trace elements, but with too much juice, nutrients are easy to lose. it will taste better than before grilling.

Grill Durian

“Notorious” durians can also be grilled. This is not unfamiliar to everyone. It is softer and sweeter when grilled. But people who don’t like to eat durian may find this way of eating a bit “exciting”, and it must be unbearable!

grilled pineapple

Speaking of eating pineapple, there are many ways to eat it, not only can it be eaten raw, but it can also be cooked . For example, pineapple cooked with meat, I believe, is a must-order dish for many people, but have you ever tried grilled it? If you have eaten it, I believe you will never forget the taste, because it is really delicious.

Have you ever eaten these kinds of grilled fruits? If you want to grill them, you can try it. Don’t be addicted to the taste.