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How to choose your grill

             You want to buy a grill, want the best, maybe you have typed “What is the best grill?” in Google search. Well, let’s start with a simple answer to your question: there is no best grill There are only grills that best suit your needs and preferences. What you need is a grill where you are willing to spend time and money to do what you want.

Is a gas grill the best grill?

             If you consider the filter more convenience, it is difficult to compare other grills with gas grills. Gas grills can heat up quickly, are easy to control, easy to clean, and are often feature-rich together with other cooking tools. Gas grills have good reasons to become the main tool in many households. The following are some of the main advantages of the gas grill type:

             ※Instant ignition and higher heat: gas grill is the most convenient way to cook with grill. They provide instant heat, rather than charcoal grills or pellet grills, which take longer to ignite.

             ※Heating control: One of the great benefits of gas grills is rapid preheating, which enables the grills to reach the required temperature soon after being ignited. The cooking grate will also preheat quickly.

             ※The gas grill provides indirect heating: the gas grill not only provides high temperature. As mentioned earlier, gas grills can produce indirect heating.

             ※The appearance of gas grill is more fashionable: For gas grill, there are many models, styles, configurations and accessories to choose from.

What are the disadvantages of gas grills?

             Although these may not be real disadvantages, there are some things you should remember about gas grills. Gas grills are more expensive than charcoal grills. Although they are convenient to use, they are more expensive. And the maximum temperature of a gas grill may be lower than what charcoal can provide.

Is a charcoal grill the best grill?

             For people searching for “what is the best grill?”, a charcoal grill is often considered the best overall choice. Inexpensive, versatile, higher temperature, able to smoke “smoke” and low maintenance costs, the following are some of the main advantages of the kamado charcoal braising oven:

             ※Maximum heat: Although the gas grill can reach a high cooking temperature, the charcoal grill does not have a maximum temperature setting. You can heat them up as you like (but please be careful!).

             ※Various cooking options: The charcoal grill can produce a variety of cooking methods, providing direct infrared heating and indirect heating. There are also charcoal grill models, which can provide you with functions such as barbecue, smoking, burning, and baking. You can also create dual cooking zones by storing some or all of the coal on one side.

             ※Wood incense option: You can add woody flavor to your meat by adding wood chips on the top of the coals on the charcoal grill. The charcoal grill has a variety of flavors to choose from. You can try different flavors and find out which flavor you like best!

             ※Charcoal grill is cheaper: Due to its simple design, charcoal grill does not have the expensive components of other types of grills. This means they are cheaper. Generally speaking, charcoal grills are almost always cheaper than gas grills. Although this is not always the case, there are some more expensive charcoal grills, such as Big Green Egg, which is a high-end charcoal grill model.

Is a charcoal grill the best grill?

             Many places specifically prohibit the use of charcoal grills, even if allowed, because they may have a relatively high risk of fire. 

             Compared with other options, the charcoal start-up speed is also slightly slower, and will leave a lot of chaos that needs to be cleaned up, so if you are in a hurry, it is not recommended to choose a charcoal burner.

             Charcoal grilling is a great event, sometimes even a whole day’s event, so if you want to grill meat quickly, please don’t buy this grill

Multifunctional indoor portable oven (HJMK sea poly multifunctional external heating type kamado braising oven)

             Another common answer to the question “What is the best grill” is related to convenience and multi-function. Portable, multi-functional, support indoor and outdoor barbecues, fast heating, and can easily travel to camp, cook at a friend’s house or participate in special events, home is very indoor party, the following is an overview of the main advantages of the portable grill:

             Small and portable for 4-5 people! (As you might have guessed, small can be carried with you. They are usually small enough to fit in the back of your SUV or truck.)

             Suitable for small groups and parties (if you use a traditional grill and grill only 2-3 people, it will eventually consume a lot of extra time. You only use a small part of the grill, so you end up wasting energy. For small groups Or personal energy efficiency, a small grill might be a perfect size.)

             A barbecue grill suitable for high-rise residents and indoor barbecues (although the price is slightly expensive and the size is small, but its practicality, convenience and multi-functional design are worthy of your consideration. It supports kitchen gas stove heating and small cassette stoves. , Electric ceramic stove, support barbecue, shabu-bake.)

What are the disadvantages of the external heating type kamado grill?

             Of course, the downside is that the cooking space you have to deal with is limited, and your maximum temperature will usually be lower compared to a full-size grill using the same technology.

How to choose a grill

             When you ask yourself “What grill is best to buy?”, to decide what is right, please consider the factors we discussed: food taste, portability, fuel access, cleaning time, preparation time, cost. The best grill is the one that satisfies most of your preferences with the fewest compromises-although in many cases you can choose cost as the only compromise and are very close to your ideal goals.