You are currently viewing How to Grilled Halloumi Cheese On Small Kamado Grill?

How to Grilled Halloumi Cheese On Small Kamado Grill?

How to Grilled Halloumi Cheese On Small Kamado Grill?

Grilled halloumi is an easy and delicious Mediterranean appetizer that’s ready in minutes. Halloumi has an incredibly high melting point, making it perfect for grilling. The result is a warm, salty, chewy hard cheese that’s perfect for a variety of uses. Here’s how to grilled Halloumi cheese on small kamado grill?

What Is Halloumi?

Grilled halloumi cheese is a cheese lover’s dream. But you might ask, how can you bake the cheese without letting it melt off the slats and make a mess? Well, it turns out it’s a thing, and it’s entirely possible.

Halloumi is a semi-hard, immature, salted goat and sheep milk cheese (though it can also be made from cow’s milk). It has a higher melting point than most cheeses, and with a high melting point, it’s great for grilling and perfect for many light summer meals.

How Does Halloumi Cheese Taste?

Halloumi cheese has a mild buttery flavor. It’s kind of like a cross between feta, mozzarella, and mozzarella cheese (hello, mozzarella cheese).

When warm, the halloumi cheese tastes creamy, salty and absolutely delicious!

How to Baked Halloumi Cheese?

Grilled halloumi is an unexpected and impressive appetizer that will delight your friends.

It can be a vegetarian entree or use grilled halloumi for a real grilled cheese sandwich.

Whether you like grilled halloumi, you can’t go wrong!

These ingredients

Halloumi cheese. This mild, firm cheese shines on the grill. It’s also a party trick!

Herbal. While you can enjoy halloumi cheese on its own, I like to pay homage to its Mediterranean roots by adding oregano and thyme.

Lemon juice. A squeeze awakens the flavours and nicely balances the richness of the halloumi.

Olive oil. While you can fry halloumi cheese in a nonstick pan without adding any oil (the cheese’s fat content is sufficient), oil is an important insurance policy when grilling.


Preparing and grilling your halloumi cheese

1. Preheat the grill. Then mix the marinade.

2. Slice the halloumi cheese.

3. Brush both sides with the marinade.

4. Bake halloumi for 2 to 6 minutes, turning once or twice, until grill marks appear.

5. Sprinkle with remaining olive oil, lemon and thyme. Serve hot with pita bread, mixed into salads, or whatever you want. enjoy your meal!

The result is a warm, salty, chewy hard cheese that’s perfect for a variety of uses — especially as a base for this bruschetta or into this easy baked peach summer salad.

The possibilities seem really endless. Add halloumi to some veggie skewers, grill it like this, make a cheese sandwich with it, maybe with some fresh pesto, chop it up, add to summer grain salad, put it on portobello burgers On vegetarian options.

Whatever you do, be sure to bake some halloumi this summer!

Ways to Serve Grilled Halloumi

Appetizer. Serve it on a plate with pita, homemade scones, or toast. It’s my favorite way to eat halloumi as an appetizer and my friends are crazy about it!

Grilled Halloumi Salad. Cut the grilled halloumi into bite-sized pieces and serve on top of your favorite salad. This Mediterranean Chickpea Salad, Israeli Couscous Salad, and this Arugula Salad are all delicious.

Grilled halloumi sandwiches. Stuff your grilled halloumi into pita or between toast slices with thinly sliced, grilled or grilled veggies, and coat with edamame hummus as a Vegetarian main course.

Baked halloumi rolls. Use pita or whole-wheat tortillas to make delicious baked halloumi rolls.

Storage Tips

Storage. Refrigerate leftover roasted halloumi for up to 2 days.

Reheat. Reheat it in a nonstick skillet over medium heat.

Freeze. Halloumi cheese can be frozen. Freeze sliced uncooked halloumi cheese in a vacuum-sealed bag or airtight container for up to 6 months. You can then thaw in small batches and grill as needed.