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Problems that are easily encountered when BBQ low temperature and slow roasting large pieces of meat (temperature plateau period)

             The theme this time is the temperature plateau that often occurs when slow roasting large pieces of meat at low temperatures.

Large pieces of meat

             Why bulk meat? We can call meat with a thickness of more than 4cm and a length and width of more than 15-20cm. For example: Pork No. 2 (pig shoulder without elbow), pig hind leg, beef brisket, whole turkey, etc. belong to this category.

What does temperature plateau mean?

             The temperature plateau period means that when we are indirectly heating and slow roasting meat at a low temperature, after the internal temperature of the meat reaches a certain index (usually 65-70 degrees Celsius), the temperature will stagnate for a long time, no longer rise, and even sometimes It will drop a degree or two. This plateau period sometimes lasts 1-2 hours, sometimes more than 2 hours.

             The temperature plateau period is extremely psychologically stressful for BBQ beginners, especially those who are making large pieces of meat for the first time. Imagine you’ve been busy all morning, sometimes even starting in the morning and into the afternoon, your friend for dinner is about to arrive, and the meat in your oven stays at 70 degrees, 85- 90 degrees is far from the difference. At this time, the pressure of overturning the car is tormenting you, and your friends are screaming for meat. Do you persuade them to wait for two more hours, or serve them the undercooked meat? Believe either way is not what you want.

What caused the plateau period? ?

             Why is the internal temperature of the meat still stagnant when the fire is continuously heated?

             Some people say that the collagen in the meat is converted into gelatin under heat, some people say that it is caused by the liquefaction of fat, and some people say that it is caused by the decomposition of long-chain protein molecules. There is some truth to these arguments, but they are not entirely correct.

             In fact, the temperature plateau period is when the meat is continuously heated at high temperature, and the internal water transpires. Under the action of transpiration, the heat taken away from the meat and the heat of external heating form a temporary balance, so the internal temperature of the meat is also There has been stagnation. This balance sometimes lasts until the last drop of the meat has evaporated, or the outer layer of the meat has formed a charred crust.

             This process depends on the size of the meat, the type of oven and fuel, and the humidity of the surrounding environment. But in general, the higher your oven temperature, the shorter the plateau will be, so during slow roasting at low temperature the plateau is most noticeable, while at high temperature (direct heat) the plateau is almost unnoticed.

How to shorten the temperature plateau

             Above we know the reasons for the platform period, then we know how to shorten this period. The method is to minimize the transpiration of meat moisture. And the best way to reduce transpiration is to wrap it in aluminum foil (or tinfoil, whatever you call it, a thing). I believe that many of my friends will immediately think of Texas cheating laws.

             Yes, the most common perception of Texas cheating laws is to shorten the entire BBQ time. In fact, what this method shortens is the plateau period of temperature, while retaining the internal water of the meat, killing two birds with one stone. Today’s BBQ masters also often take this approach. Of course, in a nearly 100-year-old shop like Big Bob Gibson, there is always a great god like Lilly Chris, who can make brisket with plenty of juice without aluminum foil.

Benefits of temperature plateaus?

             The Texas cheating law should not be too long, and it is even more difficult to take the method of wrapping aluminum foil from beginning to end. Because in fact the temperature plateau is not without its benefits.

             (1) It can help us dry the outer layer of the meat to form a charred taste, which is loved by our meat-eaters.

             (2) It can maintain the meat in a temperature range that is conducive to the liquefaction of fat and connective tissue, adding flavor and juice.

             (3) It can keep the internal and external temperature of the meat close to maximize the tenderness of the meat.


             Therefore, if you encounter or have passed the temperature plateau on the way of BBQ in the future, don’t be nervous, take out your large roll of aluminum foil, wrap it tightly in two layers and continue to bake, it will definitely be able to finish your project within the time you estimated. this BBQ plan.

             Makes you a grill master at a gathering of friends and family. Because the sealing performance of general household ovens is relatively good, if you make a household oven, you will find that the plateau period will appear, but the time will be shortened by at least 50%-70%. The main reason is that the sealing is good and the moisture is not easily evaporated.