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Top tips for grilling beef steak

Beef steak is a kind of nutritious food, it has a tender, juicy taste. There are many kinds of steak cooking methods, such as grilled steak, black pepper grilled steak, red wine and black pepper grilled steak, and so on. Every time when you go to a western restaurant to eat a perfect grilled steak, does it breed the idea of “If only i can make the same delicious beef steak at home”? As long as you have a home gas grill and master the following steak grilling tips, you will become a real chef in minutes.

  1. Wait for 5 minutes can save all the juice! The steak should be left for 5 minutes before serving, it will be many times more juicy than eating it while it is hot!
  1. Studies have shown: olive oil and butter? Actually, they are not suitable for frying steak at all! Sunflower oil and rapeseed oil are more suitable for frying steak! Olive oil is only suitable for low-temperature cooking, and high-temperature frying will destroy its nutrition. The butter is fragrant but it will cover up the steak’sflavor, which is not easy to keep the original flavor of the ingredients.

3.Must use a high fire! This will produce more than 100 kinds of meaty aroma! Don’t be afraid of burning the meat, don’t be afraid of burning the kitchen, be sure to burn the pot until it smokes.This is the legendary Maillard reaction: the high temperature makes the protein and sugarsof the steak in the reaction can produce more than 100 types of meaty aromas.

  1. Turn the steakonce every 15-20 seconds tomake it with outer crispy and the inner tenderness! If you use a thermal imaging camera to shoot the steak frying process, we will see that the upward side will cool down quickly. However, turning over the steak every 15 seconds can keep the surface in high temperature. and the internal temperature will not be too high, which perfectly preserves the gravy.
  1. Don’t pursue thick meat if you only have a sauce pan at home. For frying at home, keep the thickness of beef steak in 1-2.5cm is enough! If you have an bbq grill, you can try a 4cm thick steak. Frying the steak in high temperature for 30 seconds on each side, then put it in a preheated 260°C bbq grill, and roast each side for 2 minutes.
  1. Add some garlic to enhance the flavor of the steak. This is super private! Cut theraw garlic in half and rub it on the raw steak. Oncethe steak fried in the pan, it will smell delicious!

7.Replace refined salt with sea salt. Sea salt is used to enhance the level of steak meat! The tongue touches for a while before it has time to dissolve the large salt grains, and then touches the unevenness when it gradually melts on the meat. The taste of beef is so good!

  1. Don’t cook the steak under 20℃! The inside of the steak that has just been thawed or taken out of the refrigerator is only 3~4℃. Be sure to let the meat reach room temperature of 20°C inside and outside for 30 minutes first;So that the steak will be grilled quickly without losing too much juice, and the meat will not be overcooked outside andundercooked
  1. Do you have a piece of top steak meat? Then don’t use sauce! Saucewill spoilthe top steak, it is superfluous. Just marinate it with sea salt and black pepper,;Remember the good meat deserves original flavor!
  1. Don’t grill it too well, that will make the steak taste hard and chewy.Medium rare,medium and medium wellare all good choices! This way the steak will be tender and juicy.

Master the above top tips,Now you can bring a gas kamado grill and fresh beef steak, go home grilling a perfect beef steak for you and your family.