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What Are the Benefits of Camping Grill?

What Are the Benefits of Camping Grill?

Why cook on a camp grill?

Quick answer: Camping grills are safer, simpler, and overall more convenient than campfire cooking. Cooking over an open fire has its charms and its challenges. Collect logs and start a fire? It might sound tiring. Safely maintain and control flames? Not exactly what we call relaxation. Patiently extinguishing every ember? Better to spend your time on adventures! Camping grills, on the other hand, offer all the goodness of an open flame without any hassle. For many, everything from ignition to extinguishing is as simple as turning a knob, and the flame is always under full control. You can also quickly take out and put away these travel-sized cookware, giving you more time to explore or just enjoy the outdoors. Leave those logs at the outpost – on this trail, wherever the call of the wild takes you, the camping grill will lead you to a treat.

Advantages of camping grills

1. Suitable for travel

Camping grills are no more than 30 inches wide or tall, weigh no more than 60 pounds, and fit the rear of most crossovers—even some backpacks.

2. Ease of use

Why fight a campfire when you can simply turn the burner knob or adjust the vents on your camping grill?

3. Multifunctional cooking

A camp grill can do so much more than roast some bears and marshmallows. Grill, smoke, grill, grill, roast and more all on the same cooker.

4. Safer than an open flame

A closed fire is much less dangerous than an open flame, allowing you to cook with confidence and better protect your surroundings.

5. Easy to clean

Grills require a quick scrubbing and exterior polishing, and dealing with campfire ashes can be cumbersome and time-consuming.

6. Consistent cooking

Open flames are unpredictable and can cook unevenly; camping grills reliably deliver steady and even heat for delicious, repeatable results.

7. Fast ignition

When you need to cook, it takes far less time to light a camping grill than to build a campfire and light the flame until it’s ready.

8. Cook anytime, anywhere

Leaving the backyard doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite foods. No matter where you go, a camping grill will do the job.

Where can I take my camping grill?

While we call this category “camping grills,” the term “adventure grills” might be more appropriate. Indeed, these grills will suit your wanderlust and take you anywhere, be it the mountains, safari camps, lake lodges or national parks, or… well, you get the idea. Camping grills are designed to be as wild and free as you are, and the compact and lightweight design makes them the ideal travel companion no matter the destination. Contrast them with the freestanding grill in your backyard; it’s big, heavy, and it definitely won’t fit in your backpack. (While strapping your backyard grill to the back of the camper sounds great, wait until you have to put it on and off the storage rack while still making room for the 20-pound propane tank).

1. Go to the campsite

Taking obvious risks, camping grills are popular among backpackers who enjoy hiking, camping, and exploring natural wonders. They also love delicious grilled meats.

2. Road trip

For those who prefer the open road to the open field, a camping grill will also suit your needs. They’re right there in RVs and campers, ready to feed convoys on off-road road trips or cruising along the coast. Their compact nature allows them to neatly stash in everything else you pack for travel, not to mention that most camping grills can fit on a bumper storage shelf when you need to cook. There’s a certain appeal to small restaurants parked on the side of the road, but don’t you want to take the plunge on a family feast?

3. To the tailgate

Trailing is a bit like camping, when you stop and think about it. Despite being close to modern conveniences, you can still curl up under your tent, enjoy quality time with friends and strangers, and grill delicious meats from the comfort of your home or outside your backyard. That said, camping grills are always exciting at parking lot parties. We’ve been to a lot of tailgates that feel like full-on adventures, so it’s fitting that the camping model doesn’t hold back in the face of a game-day barbecue.


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