You are currently viewing 19 Best Meats for Smoking on A Kamado BBQ Smoker

19 Best Meats for Smoking on A Kamado BBQ Smoker

19 Best Meats for Smoking on A Kamado BBQ Smoker

Today I will want you to recommend a list of the 19 best meats for smoking on a kamado bbq smoker at home.

1. Beef Brisket

Brisket is beef cut from the lower breast of an animal. Since it is a large piece that needs to be cooked slowly, it is an ideal choice for your smoker.

Unlike many other cuts of beef, sirloin retains its shape during cooking and can be easily sliced-making it ideal for large pieces of beef with a delicious salad or thinly sliced cold meat as a sandwich.

2. Pork Butt

Pig butt is delicious and very suitable for smokers.

The pig butt comes from the upper shoulder of the pig. This area is full of hard-working muscles and tight connective tissue. This kind of meat is very suitable for smoking, because the dense tissue will slowly decompose during a long cooking process, resulting in a very tender meat that melts in the mouth!

Remember, pig butt usually takes about 1.5 hours per pound to smoke, so this dish is definitely a weekend dish.

3. Pork Shoulder

As you might expect, the pork shoulder comes from the lower shoulder area of the pig, just below the area called the “butt”.

Although pig butt and shoulder are different, they are usually referred to as shoulder for short, which may cause confusion, so be sure to clarify with your butcher when buying. The shoulders are usually much smaller than the hips, so you need to reduce the number of cigarettes.

The muscle and connective tissue contained in pork shoulder are equivalent to that of pork butt, so it is very suitable for smoking and can make delicious pulled pork.

4. Baby Back Ribs

The small dorsal rib comes from the part next to the pork spine and is one of the most popular rib cuts. They are smaller and meatier than ribs, but they are also suitable for smoking.

Remember, because they are a little thinner, they tend to cook faster. Therefore, if you replace them with ribs recipes, you need to reduce the cooking time and pay close attention to them to prevent hard and chewy results.

5. Spare Ribs

The ribs are close to the belly area of the pig. The difference between ribs and baby back ribs is that ribs tend to be larger and more delicious, although they are not as meaty as baby back ribs.

If you choose a whole piece of them, you will get a lot of cartilage, making them ideal for slow cooking methods, such as smoking.

You can also trim them and remove cartilage to make St. Louis style ribs, which will make them easier to handle if you are not familiar with smoking.

6. Beef Ribs

Also known as “breast on the stick”, beef ribs may be a little hard to find, but it is well worth a trip to your butcher shop.

It is best to remove the large ribs from the bottom-whether it is a chuck or a plate-shaped ribs, there is an inch or two of meat on top.

Beef ribs need to be smoked slowly for a long time, usually between five and six hours, to get a particularly soft, melt-in-mouth meat.

7. Lamb Shoulder

Beef and pork may be the most popular bacon, but lamb is also a good choice.

The rich flavor of lamb complements the smoky flavor, bringing an extra flavor that cannot be achieved by roasting.

Due to the hard working muscles of the shoulders, the lamb’s shoulders are dense and rich in connective tissue, such as roast meat or pig butt.

This makes it ideal for slow smoke because the connective tissue gradually breaks down to obtain an extra soft and juicy result.

8. Leg of Lamb

Another piece of lamb that also smokes well is leg of lamb.

Legs of lamb are usually cut in two ways, a narrower shank end, and a thicker upper sirloin end. Fatty beef brisket ends are more suitable for smoking because it can slowly melt the fat during smoking to obtain extra tender meat.

When smoking lamb shank, the estimated smoking time is about three to four hours.

9. Spatchcock Whole Turkey

Turkey is an excellent choice for lean meat, and due to its flat cooking surface, a whole turkey is ideal for your smoker.

Spatchcocking can shorten the cooking time and better absorb the delicious smoky flavor.

10. Spatchcock Chicken

Just like roast chicken, roasted whole chicken will have a wonderful effect when cooked on your smoker.

Ignore any suggestion to smoke the chicken at a lower temperature, as this will cause the skin to become elastic.

Any temperature over 300°F can solve the problem. The higher cooking temperature combined with the spatchcock method means shorter cooking time (1 – 1.5 hours), so this is a great recipe that can give a new smoker a break.

11. Beef Cheek

Beef cheek meat is derived from the buccal muscle of cattle. Since they are grazing animals, these muscles will do a lot of work in their lifetime. This means that beef cheek is a cheap, hard cut-perfect for slow stewing.

When smoked, beef cheek is an excellent lean meat, very tender, and perfect for pulling beef tacos. If you haven’t tried it yet, make it your top priority this weekend!

Allow five hours of smoking time for best results.

12. Chuck Roast

Chuck barbecue is a piece of beef from the shoulder. It has a lot of flavor, but it is a muscle that is used frequently, so it may also be very tough.

Like other shoulder incisions we have seen so far, the high content of connective tissue in the chuck barbecue makes it an excellent incision for smoking. This slow and low-speed cooking method gently breaks down connective tissue, turning this usually chewy, cheap cut into soft perfection.

Allow five to six hours of smoking time.

13. Chicken Breast

Chicken breasts can easily dry out during cooking, but you can successfully suck them dry if you take care. If you get it right, the taste is well worth the extra effort.

Using the marinating method will help keep the breast meat moist and soft. You can also add smoked chicken sauce for more flavor-be sure to pay close attention to your temperature throughout the smoking process.

14. Chicken Thigh

Chicken thighs are fatter and more fragrant than breast meat and are often overlooked when smoking. However, they taste really wonderful while smoking-so next time you want to light your smoker, stick to it and find out for yourself!

We recommend smoking on the skin to keep extra moisture.

15. Turkey Breast

The smoked turkey breast is delicious. In fact, smoking is a good way to invigorate people, otherwise it may be a rather bland meat.

Since turkey breasts tend to dry out, it is best to use seasoned brine or injection methods before cooking. This ensures that the meat retains sufficient moisture to obtain a soft and tender result full of flavor.

Count three to four hours of smoking time.

16. Beef Prime Ribs

Not sure about the difference between prime rib and ribeye? The main ribs come from the animal’s forequarters and are one of the more expensive cuts.

This cut includes the meat from the sixth to the twelfth rib, which is basically the area between the chuck and the waist. Usually grilled and grilled in a pan, smoking is an excellent way to add extra flavor and ensure that it is delicious and delicious in about 6 hours.

17. Sausage

Sausages purchased in a smoking store can be a quick and easy way to add a new smoky flavor to your daily meals. You can use a variety of different types of sausages, depending on your recipe and personal preference, for example, salami, Italian sausage or Spanish sausage.

18. Pork Belly

As you might expect, pork belly comes from the lower abdomen area of the animal.

The pork belly is very tender when cooked correctly. It contains a lot of fat and marble pattern, which is very suitable for smoking.

One of the most popular ways to smoke pork belly is to cut it into small pieces (scorched ends) and smoke them for about three hours.

19. Tri-Tip

Tri-tip quickly became popular and is an excellent way to quit smoking.

It comes from the lower part of the sirloin or the back part of the animal, and it is easily recognized by the shape of the triangle. After trimming, the average weight of your three-pointed head is about 2 to 3 pounds, but the untrimmed version will be much heavier due to the larger fat cap.

As a fairly skinny tailoring, tri-tips do not take that long to smoke, which makes them an excellent alternative to the traditional day-long breast marathon. Just make sure that yours has enough marbling through it to get a soft result.

In about two hours of smoking, even on work nights, smoky three-pointed smoke is an excellent summer dinner.

Don’t waste these cuts on smokers

To really make the most of your smokers and meats, don’t use expensive lean meats. Since these cuts lack the necessary connective tissue and fat, they will quickly dry out and overcook when smoked, which disappoints everyone.

For example, here are some meats you should never smoke:

     Lean barbecue

     Individually thinly sliced steak

Wrapping it up

Smoking is a great way to tenderize meat and add extra flavor. This long and slow cooking process turns cheap and hard cuts into mouthwatering tender and delicious meals.

We hope that our extensive list of the best bacon will help you start your culinary journey.