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Grill tips–For perfect grilled meat

It is well known that big chump of meat is a kind of food that is not easy to grill,.such as beef, whole chicken, suckling pig, etc. For those who have no experience in grilling,The barbecue are prone to becoming under-cooked, burnt and unsavory situations. So, what are the precautions for grilling a juicy chunk of roast meat?

Tip one:Marinade the meat in advance

Many people cook barbecue by themselves, but the roasted meat has no taste, it is either raw or unsavory. The skin tasted fragrant, but there is still a smell of meat inside.Because it has not been marinated in advance. Beef, lamb, chicken, etc. should be marinated with seasonings and put in the refrigerator the night before roasting, and roasted the next day. Seafood products should also be marinated, but not one night in advance, marinating for a while can be grilled.

Tip two:Lock the gravy to make it more juicy

Whether the barbecue is delicious or not depends on whether the gravy is locked. If the juicy of meat is lost, the taste of the roasted meat will be much worse, and there will be no tender taste. So how can we keep the gravy and not be lost? In fact, it’s simple. Fry the meat until it’s yellowish brown on the outside to lock the meat inside and prevent the meat juice from leaking out. The sauce of barbecue sauce is sticky and can also lock the juice of the meat. At the same time, braising can lock meat’s moisture better than grilling.

Tip Three:Control the cooking time

Generally speaking, thinner meat slices can be cooked in about 3-5 minutes, and the meat slices will become hard if they are roasted for too long. Beef cannot be roasted fully cooked. It is best to roast into medium or medium well according to personal preference. Chicken and pork should be roasted until fully cooked.

It is best to wrap seafood and fish in tin foil, which is more conducive to storing the delicious soup, and it will not be mushy. Roast for about 2 to 3 minutes, and wait until the fish fillets are raised.

Tip Four: How to avoid scorching, peeling, and fire?

Brush the grill with a layer of oil before you start grilling. Keep the grill clean during the grilling process. Use an iron brush to remove the residue on the grill at any time, so as to avoid scorching.

The food must be heated to a certain level before it can be turned over. If the food has not been roasted to the required temperature, it is easy to cause part of the food to stick to the grid after turning over. At this time, it can only be hard pulled and cause peeling phenomenon.

Meat contains a lot of fat. It will drip oil after heating. The oil will burn on charcoal fire and produce flames. At this time, the most commonly used method is to spray with water, but the disadvantage of spraying with water is to produce soot and blacken the food. You can solve these problems by sprinkling some salt in the fire.


Tip Five:What kind of BBQ grill is easy to use for BBQ cooking?

In order to obtain tender and juicy taste of barbecued meat, in addition to the above tips. Ceramic braising oven is the most ideal barbecue stove. It can quickly lock the the meat’s moisture by roasting it with grill lid closed. When the meat is about to be cooked, you can open the airvent of the kamado grill to roast the skin of the meat being crispy. In this way, you can make the roasted meat becoming crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. If you want to quickly cook a tender and juicy barbecue at home, but don’t want to bother to start with the charcoal grill, here is a recommended household gas ceramic grill, which can be used directly on the kitchen gas stove, Just one touch to start with barbecue cooking.This way saves a lot of time and trouble for artificial ignition. The barbecue is delicious and juicy, while retaining the original flavor by using the kamado grill.