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Become a outdoor BBQ master

Barbecuing may be the oldest cooking method for human beings, and it is also a leisure way for modern people and friends to go out for party and entertain. Easily master the following small methods to make you become a barbecue master.

Before learn the following methods,You should own a best kamado grill.

  1. The choice of charcoal

Because the special flavor of charcoal grilled food comes from the aroma of grilled food when the charcoal is burned, choosing good charcoal is the basis for enjoying delicious BBQ food.When choosing charcoal, be sure not to choose cheap charcoal Some low-quality charcoal does not have enough fire power, so that it is basically non-combustible; some burned will cause a lot of smoke to contaminate food. Good quality charcoal is heavier and the fire is very good. The charcoal should be burned until it is transparent and red and hot, and then flatten it out for grilling. When the surface of the charcoal is not fully burned, Please do not roast it in a hurry. This will easily stain and darken the food.

  1. Clean the grill at any time

Before grilling food, brush the grill with a layer of oil to prevent the food from sticking to the rack. Use an iron brush to remove the residue on the grill at any time, and keep the grill clean so that the flavor of the food will not be affected.

  1. The use of salt

Salt can be used for seasoning before grilling. In addition, during the roasting process, many fatty foods will drip oil after being heated. These oil droplets will be burned by charcoal fire and will produce a high flame to scorch the food on the cooking grid. If sprayed with water, it will only produce soot pollution. For food, just sprinkle some salt in the fire to deal with the problem.

  1. Different ingredients and different roasting methods

There are many types of food that can be grilled, but the selection of ingredients is also very sophisticated.

Meat: It must be cooked until it is fully cooked before it can be eaten. Choose the pork belly that is tender and slightly fatty on the ribs, waist and buttocks, so that the roasted meat will not be too dry.

Beef: Choose beef ribs, which are tender and tough; beef shoulder is the most tender meat for roasting. Whether it is American beef or Australian beef, it should not be fully cooked, which will destroy the tenderness of the meat.

Chicken: Any part is a good ingredient for barbecue. If you soak in lemon water before grilling, sprinkle some starch on it to make the meat more tender.

Seafood: Everything is possible, but you must choose fresh ones. Fresh seafood is dense and flexible. The marinating time of seafood taken out of the refrigerator should not exceed 30 minutes before grilling. When grilling squid rolls, brush a thin layer of egg yolk on the top, the color will be more beautiful and the taste will be better. When clams and fish fillets are grilled, it is best to wrap them in tin foil, so that the skin will not be burnt easily and the delicious soup will be easy to store. Grill for about 2 to 3 minutes, the fish fillets are raised and ready to eat.

Hot dogs, sausages, etc.: Try to use a low fire. Except for vegetables, it is best to put them in a tin foil box and grill them in a smoldering way.

Vegetables and fruits: mainly rhizomes, mushrooms, fruits and vegetables with less juice and firm texture, such as corn, green peppers, pineapples, bananas, etc.

  1. Turn over the barbecue at the right time

As soon as the food is on the grill, impatient people are always worried that it will be burnt, and they keep flipping over. In fact, this will prolong the cooking time, destroy the protein, and make the meat cooked hard. When turning the food, the food must be heated to a certain level before it can be turned easily. If the local food sticks to the grid after turning it over, it proves that the protein has not been completely heated, and deadlifting will only tear the protein fiber. If it is fish, it will cause peeling

6. Add moisture

During the roasting process, the longer for grilling the food, the greater the loss of water and fat, and the drier the taste. Therefore, you should brush some barbecue sauce on the food during the barbecue process to maintain the moisture of the food and increase the taste, but be careful not to brush too much at one time, or the food will be too salty.