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Christmas roast Turkey

It’s almost near the annual Christmas in 2021 year. In foreign Christmas dinners, in addition to ham, sweet potatoes, vegetables, raisin patches, fruit cakes, and cocktails, there is also a must-have main dish, which is roast turkey. Turkey is a specialty of America. The English name of turkey is “Turkey”. . Because people at the time thought it looked like Turkish clothing: black body and red head. Before the Europeans came to America, the turkey was domesticated by the Indians, and Europeans liked to eat roast goose. After immigrating to America, they found turkeys everywhere. They tried to substitute roasted turkey for roasted goose, and found that roasted turkey is better than roasted goose. Therefore, this great dish for eating roasted turkey has been handed down as a must-have for important holidays in the United States. Although we Chinese do not eat roast turkey very much, we are also curious about how this roast turkey meal is made?

Prepare ingredients:

Ground black pepper, butter (200g), turkey (12LBS), onion (2), carrot (1), bacon (10 slices), garlic (1), a little rosemary, nutmeg, thyme, Lemon (1), salt, red wine

  1. Wash the turkey well and cut off the unwanted head of the turkey
  2. Boil the turkey with boiling water, the purpose is to tighten the turkey skin
  3. Dry the whole body of the turkey, and smear the whole body of the turkey with onion core, three to five times
  4. Marinate the turkey (marinate the viscera together, just put it aside): Use salt, freshly ground black pepper, and knead the turkey inside and out again and again! Use more salt. The turkey skin is thick and thick, making it hard to marinate.
  5. After salt and black pepper marinate for two hours, apply butter, 100g of butter is heated to melt, and the turkey is also rubbed with butter inside and the whole.
  6. Find a turkey sitter, and place the turkey in a standing form to drain the excess water from the turkey. Marinated for about 5~6 hours
  7. Make turkey belly stuffing: onion, celery, carrot, diced and cut into sections ,sliced garlic, and cut into small slices of bacon
  8. Start the fire, put 100g butter as the bottom, add all the side dishes in step 7, pour half a cup of red wine, two rosemary, put a little salt, and fry until the onion is soft
  9. Cut the lemon into small pieces, and mix with the ingredients in step 8
  10. Fill in all the ingredients into the turkey belly till it is tightly full
  11. Use a few toothpicks to stitch up the belly of the turkey to prevent the filling from leaking
  12. Wrap turkey legs and wing tips with tin foil. These two positions are the easiest to burnt and will be the first to be cooked
  13. Slightly tie up the turkey legs with cotton thread to make the roast turkey looks better
  14. Spread the spices on the turkey, put it into the pre-heated Ceramic BBQ charcoal grill, and roast it slowly at a temperature of about 180 degrees for 3 and a half hours (open the lid and take care of it during roasting.)
  15. After 3 and a half hours, open the lid ,and a delicious Christmas dinner is ready to service.