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HJMK indoor kamado grill

With the popularity of barbecue cooking methods, various self-service barbecue restaurants are also located in everywhere of the city; self-service barbecue restaurants offer a wide variety of meat, and all kinds of snacks, desserts, fruits, and beverages are all free to eat and drink. For friends who want to spend the less money and eat the most meat, the buffet is really a good way to relieve gluttony and take advantage of it.

I have also rushed to the cafeteria to have barbecues, and I was surprised by the wide variety of foods in it; there were so much kinds of snacks, snacks were eaten first; I ate a little bit fuller and then grill various thin slices of meat that have not been marinated: chicken, lamb, and beef slices were grilled in an electric grill, and after a few minutes the meat were cooked out and eaten with the dipping sauce; how do I describe the taste of barbecue? Every kind of barbecue ( whether it was fish, chicken OR mutton, beef ) tasted the same flavor; and because it was electric grilled, the roasted meat lacked the smell of fireworks ; In addition, these meats were not marinated before grilled, just dipped in sauce before eating, which lacked of aroma for me who pursue a strong taste.After two slices of barbecued meat went into my belly, i became from the initial “high morale” to “flavor with chewing wax”… After that buffet barbecue experience, I no longer have the courage to try this type of electric barbecue.

Whether it is gas grilled or charcoal grilled barbecue, with the enthusiasm of fire, the natural aroma of meat can be fully released;

These are things that the electric barbecue of the buffet cannot compared; although the electric barbecue is very clean ,smokeless and suitable for indoor barbecue. But if you eat barbecue, you can’t get the natural grilled aroma, and there will be imperfect one.

Shenzhen HJMK Kamado grill,professional design suitable for indoor light smoke barbecue.It is less smoke and easy to cleaned;With 13 inch ceramic kamado egg shape ,which is fabulous for your elegant kitchen used.It supports various cooking like grillig,roasting and instant boil;No need for complicate lighting process and temperature controlled as charcoal BBQ grill,It is easily handle the cooking temperature by on touch switch of gas stove.And the grilled barbecue taste with so good flavor.

Now that I have it, I can grill all kinds of meat every day at home, and I don’t have to go to the cafeteria to eat electric barbecue any more.