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How to clean HJ mini kamado grill

Shenzhen Kamado Technology Co.,ltd. has launched an innovative mini-indoor Kamado barbecue grill this year. This unique、elegant ceramic grill can Not only be used for grilling, roasting and instant boil, but also can be used to decorate the kitchen and improve the taste of the kitchen. For commonly used kitchen barbecue stoves, in addition to frequent use, don’t forget to clean and maintain it in time. Make sure that it’s as clean as new when you use it.

Cleaning tools and raw material preparation:

A piece of cleaning cloth

A pair of scalded-proof glove

A handful of cleaning brushes/dishwashing liquid

Tin foil or silicone oil paper、Use of oil

  1. Clean the furnace body: The ceramic body of HJ mini kamado is sprayed with glaze on the surface and inside for high temperature protection; therefore, after each use of the grill, take a wet towel to clean it when the temperature of the furnace body cool down .

 2. Clean the grilling net and grilling pan: After finish grilling, there will keep certain temperature in the furnace body, and the cleaning brush can be used to remove the stubborn residues of the food from the grill net. In order to prevent your hands from scalded, you need to wear anti-scald gloves for cleaning work; If there are still food residues on the grilling net and the grilling pan at this time, you can soak them in clean water for several hours, and then drip in an appropriate amount of detergent to clean them.

3.In order to prevent the meat from sticking to the grill pan/grill grate during the grilling process, a layer of tin foil or silicone oil paper can be spread on the grill pan/grill grate in advance. Brush  evenly with a layer of cooking oil, this layer of oil can solve the effect of food adhesion.

  1. Clean the oil collection pan: When the meat is grilled, the fat and oil drips will fall on the oil collection pan. After the temperature of the oven and the oil collection pan had cooled down completely, take out the grill net and the grill pan, then carefully take out the oil collection pan, and then pour the oil inside a bowl for other used.At that time, you can clean the oil collection pan with a cleaning cloth and detergent.
  1. After using the kamado oven for a while, the top airvent is prone to stains. If it is not rotate smoothly, you can remove the top screw to clean the top airvent.