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Modern gas BBQ kamado grill

As the national government’s management of environmental protection has become more and more stringent, the utilization rate of charcoal grills has gradually decreased. The gas BBQ grill is continuously increasing the utilization rate. The gas grill is undoubtedly a cooking stove that is more environmentally friendly. Its convenience is reflected in the aspects of temperature control and starting ignition. But the price will be slightly higher than the charcoal grill. The following points can help you better understand the characteristics of gas BBQ grill. After reading this article, it will help you to make an advance reference when you need to buy a kitchen gas grill.

Pros of gas grills:

1.The gas bbq grills are better for the environment.

 It’s scientifically proven! In regards to your health, The Healthy says opt for a gas grill. Why? Because gas-grilled meats contain fewer carcinogens compared to char-kissed charcoal-grilled meats. As for the environment, it’s been studied that gas grills’carbon footprint is about one-third of charcoal grills’carbon footprint.

2.Quick start-up and temperature control.

With a simple press of the ignition button and a turn of the dial, your gas grill will spark to life. After a quick preheat, you’ll be ready to grill, rather than having to wait for coals to heat up. You can also go from low heat needed for bone-in chicken to searing hot for kebobs or steak . And you don’t need to worry about moving around hot coals, too.

3.Diverse functions.

Just like the charcoal grill, the gas grill supports grilling, roasting and smoking. Special mention here is the smoking barbecue. Since the gas oven cannot burn charcoal, you can add a smoking box inside the stove, which is filled with fruit sawdust. Let it produce a continuous, slow smoking state in low temperatures. This method can also give your barbecue a smoking taste.

Cons of gas grills:

1.Assembly time:

As opposed to the charcoal grill that can be set up in a jiffy, a mid-range gas grill are a bit more complicated to assemble and hook up to a propane tank.

2. Safety:

While there are safety precautions to follow with any form of cooking, you have to be extra careful when cooking with a gas grill. Always make sure that your propane tank is properly attached without leaks, your grill is at least ten feet from your home and deck and that the grill is free from grease.


Though travel-sized gas grills are available, it would be much too difficult to tow a full-sized gas grill around to the park or the beach.

Here is a recommendation for you a Shenzhen Haiju Kamado multi-gas grill, modular design, can be used without any complicated assembly. Patented external heating design, just put it on the gas stove in your kitchen to grill. Small and portable, with a 13-inch egg-shaped appearance, it can provide barbecue food for 2 to 5 people. It is the best choice for single person and small families used.