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Some tips for smoking BBQ in Winter

The weather is cold in winter, and the temperature becomes so low. Even the cold weather still can’t stop barbecue lovers’ enthusiasm for barbecue cooking, especially for low and slow smoking. So for the family which own the outdoor kitchen.what matters should be paid attention to when using the Kamado grill for barbecue in winter?

Tips for smoking in winter

Use a cover for the grill, this will prevent rain and snow from getting into the pit.

If you have a kamado grill put something between the lid and the base and prop it slightly open. If you prop the grill lid slightly ajar, it is necessary to have a cover for the grill .Or you will get rain and snow directly into the pit and that isn’t good. Freezing water will expand and you might get issues.

How to open the lid when it is frozen

When you have high moisture and below-freezing temperatures, the lid will freeze and you won’t be able to open it without damaging the seal for the lid. I solved the issue by lighting the grill from the bottom air vent. I had some coals still inside so i ignited the coals and the ceramics got warm.So I was able to open the grill without damaging the seal.

Other details tips:

Tips 1:

Expect longer cook times.Avoid opening the lid unnecessarily as the cold air will drop the temperatures and it will take a lot longer to heat up again.


Tips 2:

If you use a water pan fill it with boiling water instead of cold water

Tips 3:

Use a temperature tracker that you can see remotely to track meat and grill temperature.

Tips 4:

During heavy wind it is a good idea to shelter your grill a bit. The wind will cause more cold air to flow through the bottom air vent and cause temperature changes that are hard to control.

It will also take a lot longer to get your grill to temperature than usual. When using a ceramic grill it’s often harder to get the temperature down after it gets too high. In winter it’s hard to get the temperatures up. Start the cook by igniting the coals as usual but let it ignite more coals than usual. Close the lid only after you see a lot of coals burning. Getting the temperatures down is a lot easier in cold weather. It is recommend slightly overshooting your target temperature. Let it cool down instead of the usual other way around. In summer do the exact opposite.

The above are the things that need to be paid attention to in the winter garden backyard barbecue. For people who living in apartments and high-rise residential buildings, there is no backyard garden, only with a small kitchen space in the apartment. At this situation, if want to have indoor barbecue in winter, you can use the Shenzhen HJMK mini kamado, which is small in size but not small cooking area; The single grill cook for 3-5 people; the reason why it can be used indoors is because it is the world’s first external heating type Kamado grill.gas stoves, natural gas stoves, alcohol stoves and electric infrared stoves can fit for it; while ensuring the original flavor of grilling, it can also ensure safe operation; it supports braising, grilling, baking, instant roasting, and pizza baking .It can control the cooking temperature at will without being affected by external temperature and environment changed. With it, you can barbecue in the indoor kitchen all year round.