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Smokeless indoor bbq grill

  1. The market demand for indoorsmokeless BBQ grills

Friends who love barbecue will like to choose charcoal barbecue, charcoal grilled food has a special flavor. However, the most common situation encountered in charcoal barbecue is that the food grease drips onto the charcoal fire and produces a lot of smoke. In addition to easily causing eye discomfort and a choking odor, the instantaneous PM2.5 is the culprit of air pollution. For people living in apartments, smoke-free barbecue is undoubtedly a reliable and clean choice.

In order to prevent oily fumes, many home appliance manufacturers have developed practical smokeless grills. Through various ingenious designs, the grease or soup of the ingredients will not directly drip on the fire source or heater. For example, add an drip pan in the barbecue, or install a heating wire or heating lamp above the barbecue; some products will also be equipped with air vents, filters and fans in the furnace, so that the fume can be simply sucked in and purified. Then it will be discharged, even if it is grilled indoors, it will not be covered with the smell of oily smoke. The characteristics of the products launched by various manufacturers are different, and these household smokeless barbecue grills are basically not very large, and they are convenient and practical, and there is no need to worry about the problem of heavy smoke, making barbecues easier and less burdensome.

2.Points for purchasing smokeless barbecue grills for household use

After understanding the characteristics of the indoor smokeless grill, the next step is to know how to choose from the dazzling array of styles on the market.

  1. Choose a different power supply according to the used occasion

Smokeless barbecue grills mainly have two heating methods, “Electrical type” and “gas type”. If you plan to use it outdoors, choosing the gas type will be the most suitable. But if it is only used in the indoor environment at home, then the two heating methods are no problem, you can choose the convenient type according to your preference.

  1. The built-in fan can reduce the generation of smoke, and it can be used with the range hood

Although a smokeless grill can greatly reduce the generation of oily smoke, it is actually impossible to be completely smoke-free. If you want to enhance the effect of oil fume removal, you can choose a model equipped with a built-in fan. The built-in fan can inhale the rising oil fume to achieve the smokeless grilling cook. For gas grills, you can also place the gas under the range hood. It can also achieve the smokeless barbecue effect.

  1. Infrared heating preserves the original flavor of food

In addition to enjoying the fun of barbecue, if you have a certain insistence on the taste, the infrared-type smokeless barbecue grill is a good choice. In addition to heating the meat thoroughly through infrared rays, it can also ensure that the delicious meat juice is not lost, and you can easily enjoy the deliciousness of the ingredients themselves.

However, the heating time of some infrared smokeless grills is relatively long, and it is necessary to pay attention to whether the ingredients are cooked from time to time during the grilling process. If the number of people is large, the cooking speed is more difficult to consider. The indirect grilling gas oven can control the cooking temperature of the food through temperature adjustment, make the barbecue tender and juicy.

  1. Choose from the type of bakeware

Smokeless grills on the market are equipped with a variety of different types of grilling pans, such as a groove design that can focus on filtering grease, or a flat frying pan that can be used to make pancakes. If you only plan to use it for barbecue, you can choose a general grill pan; if you want to have a variety of different cooking methods, you can choose a wider range of multi-function accessories. For some products, you can purchase additional bakeware with different functions. You can consider the purpose and frequency of usage before making a choice.

  1. Choose a style that is easy to disassemble and clean

Even if the smokeless grill can greatly reduce the generation of oily smoke, the grease and charred dirt produced during use are unavoidable. Therefore, it is more important to choose a style that can disassemble the grill pan for easy cleaning and wiping. If you can carefully disassemble the base, heating source and other devices for cleaning, the cleaner the smokeless grill can be ensured. In addition, the grooves or grids should be cleaned carefully. Don’t forget to take them into consideration when purchasing.

After reading the above points for purchasing smokeless grills for household use, do you have the type of indoor smokeless grill you wanty to buy?

An innovative type of smokeless grill launched by Shenzhen HJMK may be able to help you complete indoor smokeless barbecue cooking. Its external heating design can ensure that the food do NOT touched by the flame, and it can be grilled when placed on the gas stove at home; under the grill grate is equipped with an drip pan, all accessories are easily disassembled and cleaned. It supports grilling, roasting and instant grilling; at the same time, it is portable and can be easily placed in the tailgating without taking up too much space when go camping. Truly a multi-purpose smokeless indoor bbq grill.