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What is direct and indirect heat? What is the difference?

What is direct and indirect heat? What is the difference?

What is the difference between them? I believe that many kamado new hands will be very unfamiliar with them at the beginning. And I will explain the definition and difference between indirect heat and direct heat here, so that kamado beginners can have a better understanding.

What is direct heat?

Direct heat means cooking food directly above the heat source. When you put food directly on the grate of the kamado charcoal grill, you are using direct heat. Through direct heating, heat is transferred from the hot grate to your food, a process also known as conductive heat. Since the hot grate can transfer a lot of heat very quickly, direct heating is a way to cook food quickly.

What is indirect heat?

With indirect heating, heat is not transferred from the grate below it to your food, but from all the hot air circulating through the combustion in the furnace. This is a process called convective heat. Indirect heating is probably the most common cooking method on Kamado. With this method, there is a baffle between your food and the flame. The heat spreads around the plate, heating the food evenly.

The difference between direct roasting and indirect heat

     Direct heating is usually used for cooking ingredients that can usually be completed in 25 minutes or less. Steaks, burgers, hot dogs, chicken breasts and vegetables are usually finished with direct grilling.

     Indirect heating is usually not as strong as direct heating, so it is suitable for dishes that are cooked at a low temperature for more time, such as whole chicken, pork neck, barbecue, ribs and sirloin.

     Choose direct heating or indirect heating, the answer depends largely on how thick your ingredients are, how much time you have, and what flavors you like.

     Basically everything can be cooked under indirect heating, the main difference lies in the different tastes brought by the two methods

Can I only choose between direct heat and indirect heat?

The answer is not necessarily. Using the kamado ceramic grill can avoid this trouble. Use a combination of direct heating and indirect heating to grill. You can set up sub-zones on kamado, and set up two zones for direct and indirect heating through a half-moon heat deflector, allowing you to take into account two heating methods at the same time. Place foods that require longer and more delicate taste in the indirect grilling area, and then happily grill some steaks, burgers and sausages at the same time. Let your barbecue not be in a hurry, and you can taste a variety of ingredients.