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The Necessary accessories you need for HJMK kamado grill

If you are a barbecue enthusiast in daily cooking life,You should know that there are many kinds of necessary accessories for kamado BBQ.These can make your kamado grill more easier to use,even more versatile,and offer you backyard kitchen so much more.In this review, We have chosen 7 of the accessories that essential for your grilling rituals.They are not just well-made.They also will make BBQ life easier and are of real value.

A1.Chicken stand .

Made of 304 stainless steel.It is corrosion-resistant,durable and easy to clean.You can just directly put the whole chicken on the chicken stand.It can make your food heated evenly during roasting.Also offer a good shape for the whole cooking chicken.As the chicken stand is not too big,It allow to put a whole chicken weight for about 4~5LBS .Offering barbecue food for 2~5 people.People who like roasting chicken won’t want to miss it!

A2.BBQ Rib rack

With high quality and durable stainless steel material,The BBQ rib rack can let your rib heated more evenly.And it is not for too long rib,Can cut the long rib in half to fit its size.It is a good partner for HJMK kamado bbq grill.

A3.Digital Thermometer

Although there is a set up thermometer on HJMK mini kamado grill .We still suggest you to buy a seperately digital thermometer.It will be more accurate to use it for gauging your barbecue’s temperature.When you start t use it ,you won’t stop use it.It is really a good choice tool for barbecue.

A4.The BBQ Gripper

The BBQ gripper can be used to move any meat from one place to another.Coming with one-year warranty ,The quality is supposed to be durable.It has a hanging hook for convenience.With it,you can have a effortless and safey moving for your barbecue.It can also be adjusted to different angle to fit for different size of meat.So don’t forget to buy one when you buy kamado grill.

A5.HJMK Kamado grill pan gripper

Consider it is the innovative design of our gas bbq grill kamado.This accessory is suitable for HJMK kamado grill .It is necessary to use the grill pan gripper to lift the grill pan when you finised cooking, You may need to take out the grill and clean it for next time used. This accessory proves to be particularly practical when using HJMK Kamado ceramic grill. You can use the handle to lift the grill pan effortlessly with just one hand to remove it from the grill.

A6.BBQ Gloves

To provent barbecue from scorching,It will need to turn over your barbecue or brush some oil and sauce when cooking.A good heat-resistant gloves necessary to put on when operate the kamado grill.High temperature resistant silicone material is used for palm parts and knitted with pure cotton.It can protect your hands when wearing it for BBQ cooking.

A7. Portable gas stove.

The HJMK mini kamado grills are designed for indoor kitchen BBQ .It can also be used for outdoor RV travelling and camping.In case you want use it for outdoor BBQ,We suggest you to buy one portable gas stove to offer the external heating for BBQ cooking instead of charcoal lumb.To explain this, you may need to read the following words more carefully !

 HJMK mini kamado is a kind of external-heating kamado,distinguish other common charcoal kamado ,It can be used with household gas stove and portable gas stove.It can’t support any charcoal fule .It let the indoor kamado BBQ becoming more convenient and healthier. Also don’t forget to take some portable gas cylinder for outdoor cooking.