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The traditional customs of Christmas

December is coming soon, and Christmas is getting closer. More and more people in the world are paying attention to Christma.there are new activities in every Christmas. However, the traditional customs of Christmas are still highly respected. Christmas is a sacred and beautiful day, the day when Jesus was born, especially for Christians all over the world, it is bound to respect the traditional customs of Christmas.

Christmas Custom 1: Decorate the Christmas tree

The custom of the Christmas tree comes from Germany and is cut down from some evergreen trees. Trees with tower-shaped branches and leaves such as fir trees and pine trees are often used. Generally, People will decorate with gold and silver ribbons, walking sticks, apples, small gifts, etc on the tree. The apple symbolizes the rich products of the Garden of Eden, and the gift symbolizes theoriental Doctort sent gifts to Jesus. The cane on the Christmas tree is the cane of the shepherd. The inverted cane is similar to the initials of Jesus’ name, and it also symbolizes Jesus. The silver ribbon on the Christmas tree symbolizes holiness, and the golden ribbon symbolizes glory. The bow symbolizes that man and God are closely connected, and God loves the world forever.

Christmas Customs 2: Give each other Christmas cards and Christmas letters

Just as Chinese people will send lovesickness in letters, foreigners will also send Christmas cards to show their longing for distant relatives and friends. Christmas cards are usually printed with pictures during the Christmas period, such as snow scenes, snowmen, Santa Claus and reindeer. There are also some greeting cards with elements of Christ, such as the scene of the birth of Jesus.

Christmas custom 3: give gifts to relatives and friends

This tradition comes from when Jesus was born, three oriental doctors sent gifts to Jesus. Therefore, at Christmas every year, friends and relatives give each other gifts. The legend of Santa Claus giving gifts also originated from this story. Legend has it that on December 24th each year, Santa Claus drives a sleigh pulled by reindeer to every household to give gifts.

This year’s Santa Claus is expected to bring some family essentials on his sleigh. For example, the HJMK brand Kamado grill which can be used in the kitchen for every family. It is small and exquisite, with a 13-inch egg-shaped appearance, and provides barbecue food suitable for 3 to 5 people. It is a safe and healthy indoor Kamado grill. It is very suitable as a Christmas gift for relatives and friends! The moral of this gift: to remind loved ones and friends to eat well and enjoy life. It is a wonderful Christmas gift that brings warmth and care to people in the cold winter.

Christmas Custom 4: Sing Christmas Songs

Some traditional Christmas songs will always reverberate during Christmas, adding atmosphere to Christmas.The joyful songs will reverberate in the streets and alleys. Common Christmas songs now include “The First Noel”, “Hark! Herald Angels Sing”, “White Christmas” and “We wish you a Merry Christmas”,”Winter Wonderland” “Joy To The World”.

Christmas Customs 5: Making Christmas Food

Long ago, people would eat some special delicacies on Christmas Eve, such as plum porridge. As time goes by, people eat more and more diversified food at Christmas. With the improvement of living standards, the most popular food is Christmas cakes. Now there are more and more Christmas cakes. Most of them are made with eggs, butter and fruits. Christmas cakes have become an indispensable part of Christmas dinners.

Another popular food at Christmas is grilled polenta. People will add butternuts on top of polenta to make the polenta taste full of sweetness. Some families like to put an apple in the mouth of a pig, and large families also put a pig on the table when they entertain guests at Christmas.

The above are the traditional customs of Christmas. Do you like to spend Christmas with families?