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Ranking of the 10 best barbecues

The 10 most delicious barbecues selected by Chihuo, China on the tip of your tongue, will show you the Chinese food culture. All the beautiful foods and beauties in the world cannot be disappointed. Everyone loves to pursue beautiful things. Today I will share with you the 10 best barbecues selected by the foodie ticket.

With the HJMK kamado braising oven, it is very simple to make. Even if you have not been in the kitchen, you can make a dish according to the steps. Delicious barbecue. To be honest, everyone has eaten barbecue, but not all people have eaten this kind of barbecue. 

A small number of netizens said after reading it, I have eaten them all, and there is no objection! Let’s go and see how many kinds you have eaten!

1. Roasted Chicken Drumsticks

Chicken leg is a common meat in daily life. The quality of chicken leg is delicious and tender. It can be used to make a variety of dishes. The nutritional value of chicken leg is also very rich. It can also be made into a relatively light taste. Barbecuing chicken leg is one of many methods. BBQ chicken legs must first be marinated, and after different processing and seasoning, the chicken legs will be more flavorful.

2. Baked potatoes

Baked potatoes, I believe in barbecue, some people have eaten everything but have never eaten baked potatoes, because baked potatoes not everyone can bake good, have you ever tasted such a delicacy? This is the most delicious barbecue ranking of the foodies vote. Eggplants are not on the list, but potatoes are ranked eighth. Do you like to eat baked potatoes?

3. Grilled steak

The grilled steak has a springy texture, a strong aroma, tender and gluten-free, and the mouth is soft, tender and juicy. With the Haiju HJMK Kamado grill, it is particularly easy to make. Even if you have not been in the kitchen, you can make a delicious grilled steak according to the steps.

4. Bake pizza

In the beginning, pizza, a traditional staple food in Italy, became a very precious gesture after entering the domestic market. As a category of western restaurants, it is exclusive to a few people.

Until the development of trade and logistics, the price of cheese and other essential ingredients has been reduced, and the cost of making pizza has dropped. Cheap pizza shops like Salish have begun to rise rapidly, and today they have become one of ordinary people’s home-cooked dishes.

5. Grilled fish tofu

Grilled fish tofu, this food is believed to be eaten by many people on the street. It is a delicious snack, but many people like to grill some when making barbecue at home. It is very delicious.It is not called meat, but it is more vegetarian. It can’t be called, it’s a street barbecue snack. It’s here. Do you have any objections?

Although it is the brother of roasted gluten, roasted gluten is not as good as it. After all, grilled gluten is not on the list of the most delicious barbecue rankings. Do you like this ranking?

6. Roasted pork belly

Roasted pork belly, many people have not eaten grilled pork belly. In fact, roasted pork belly is the best meat that foodies have ever tasted.Because it is not as hot as lamb, the grilled pork belly is ranked fourth here. I have never tried it. People of you can try it, and you are absolutely satisfied.

7. BBQ fish

Grilled fish, I believe that the first barbecue that many people came into contact with was grilled fish, because grilled mutton was not acceptable to everyone at the beginning. 

Now grilled fish steaks are also the third choice for foodies. Some people prefer to eat mutton if they don’t like eating mutton. Fish, do you like grilled fish? Do you have any objection to the third grilled fish steak?

8. Crispy pork rolls

Barbecue is the love of people. Where there are people, there are rivers and lakes, and where there are rivers and lakes, there are barbecues.Pork belly (also known as rib meat, three-layered meat) is located in the abdomen of pigs.There are a lot of fat tissues in the abdomen of pigs, which also contain muscle tissue and are separated by fat and thin, so it is called “pork belly”. 

This part of the lean meat is also the tenderest and most juicy. Meat is rich in protein, generally between 10-20%. Lean meat contains more protein than fatty meat.Meat food contains high-quality protein. It not only contains comprehensive and large amounts of essential nitrogen-based acids, but also has a proper proportion.It is close to the protein of the human body and is easy to digest and absorb.

9. Baked sweet potatoes

The fat content of sweet potato is extremely low (0.2%), which is unmatched by other foods. The content of unsaturated fatty acids is very rich.Take it as a staple food and insist on eating one meal a day. Its rich cellulose makes people feel “satisfaction with wine and rice” and a sense of gastrointestinal relief.

At the same time, it can not only prevent the absorption of fat and cholesterol in the intestine, but also break down the cholesterol in the body and promote the metabolism of lipids.It can effectively prevent the human body from overnutrition, resist the occurrence of obesity, and achieve the goal of weight loss.In recent years, with the development of society, the “social status” of sweet potatoes has also improved. Many countries in the world call it “longevity food”.

10. Kebabs

Lamb kebabs, I believe that barbecue is always indispensable is kebabs, because it has always been the protagonist. No matter who comes, it can’t take its place, everyone says, right? So it is a fixed number one.Do you like this ranking? How many kinds have you eaten? How many kinds have not been eaten? Do you have any objections to this ranking?Today’s food sharing is just like that. Thank you all for reading my article during your busy schedule. Please forgive me for bad writing!