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To make the barbecue outside and tender inside, mastering 5 methods can be achieved

             Recently researched barbecue, researched out the essence of Chinese barbecue, whether it is Cantonese-style crispy roasted meat, roasted lamb chops in Inner Mongolia, roasted whole lamb, or Peking duck, the essence lies in the tender outside and tender inside. The taste, so the outer layer of meringue is very important.

There are three key points in how to bake the puff pastry:

1. Material selection.

             Must choose a little fatter, roast pork, local pork is better than lean pork, because the local pork has high fat content and more intermuscular fat. Roast duck and stuffed duck are hard to find. You can choose cherry valley duck. You must choose fatter ones. For roasted lamb chops, it is best to choose lamb from Inner Mongolia and Ningxia, both of which are fatter.

2. Cook.

             Boil it slightly before roasting. Cook until the skin and meat are separated. When roasting, the skin can be baked into meringue. (Beijing roast duck is repeatedly poured hot boiling water, in fact, it is also to separate the skin and the meat);

3. White vinegar.

             Baking in the oven, white vinegar is very important. Roasted pork and roasted duck need to be coated with a layer of white vinegar. Roasted pork needs to be soaked for a while to make the skin crispy. Lamb is not used, it may have something to do with the fat of the lamb. Roast duck also needs to be brushed with white sugar water or honey water. Traditionally, maltose is used.

4. Let dry.

             Put the semi-finished products to be roasted in the refrigerator to dry overnight.

5. Oil out on low fire, roast crisp on high fire.

             Use a relatively small fire to bake for a long time at low temperature (150-170 degrees) for 1-2 hours to get the fat out, and finally bake the puff pastry at a high temperature (250 degrees) for about 10 minutes.

             Among them, roast duck is the most troublesome. It needs to be turned repeatedly. Today roast duck, roast duck needs to be turned repeatedly, control the temperature, and then bake different noodles into meringue, and if you are not careful, the skin will be burnt. It was the first time to make it today.

             After understanding these four tips, everything can be roasted in the future, and all meats can be roasted in this way. As for why the three key points and the four tricks have five points, don’t care about these details.