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Two kamado for 30 peoples BBQ party

               It’s another pleasant weekend. It’s the most suitable day for barbecue in autumn, so I drove up HJMK’s two barbecue grills, called friends, and came to Dongguan Farmhouse to have a barbecue party. Get off the bus and count the number of people at the party. Wow, thirty people. , Really a lot. This means using two ovens to cook a barbecue meal for thirty people. Don’t panic, the protagonist of today’s “barbecued” is a suckling pig weighing up to 20 kilograms. The supporting role is chicken legs, and the other are corns, sweet potatoes and fruit snacks. The protagonist of the barbecue party is the grilling “good partner” — “Haiju” brand 22-inch XL ceramic charcoal kamado grill and 13-inch mini gas kamado grill. All the ingredients have been marinated OK, take out the oven and start roasting!

               Since suckling pigs are large pieces of meat, they need to be roasted for a long time. Choosing a large 22-inch charcoal grill is very suitable for low and slow  suckling pigs. It takes 15 minutes to ignite, and after the charcoal is burned on, the suckling pig can be braised and roasted. The suckling pig chosen this time was relatively large, and was eventually chopped into several large pieces of meat to achieve the purpose of low and slow with the lid closed. After putting the suckling pig in, close the lid, adjust the air vent, and start low and slow cook. Remember to brush oil on the suckling pig and turn it over halfway through and observe the heat to prevent it from scorching.

               After the suckling pig is cooked on the grill, the chicken legs are grilled in the new mini gas grill. A large bowl of chicken drumsticks can be roasted for three separate times. The operation of this kamado is even simpler: it is used with a portable gas stove, without a complicated ignition process, the gas switch turned on with one button, and the top air vent is opened to the maximum. After 5~8 minutes, when the thermometer on the oven shows 100℃, put the chicken legs into the grilling net and adjust the air door to 1/4 level. At this time, you can do other things, such as taking care of the suckling pig, taking beautiful photos of the kamado and sending it on FB. After 30 minutes, open the air door to the maximum again, let the skin of the chicken leg roast until it is charred and crispy, turn off the heat. A plate of chicken drumsticks is ready to be service. And the second plate of chicken drumsticks will be roasted. That’s it, when all the chicken drumsticks are done. The suckling pig on the big grill over there is only half cooked, and we have to continue to braise it.

               The feature of the mini grill is that it is convenient and fast, can well control the grilling temperature after turning on the gas switch, and is clean and less oily. Time ticked away, and the friends who were tired from playing games and chatting were attracted by the smell of barbecue. A group of hungry wolves who were drooling after being grilled swept away three plates of roasted chicken legs. After eating, they all said that they hadn’t eaten enough. The Oven Lord had a secret book in mind: the more efficient instant boil mode can be turned on. Take out the two accessory modules inside the min kamado and recombine them to form a instant grill pan. Put it on the gas stove, spread a layer of silicone oil paper on the baking tray, brush with a layer of oil, take out the marinated skewers and beef slices, colored peppers, etc., and place them on the grill . The barbecue sang happily on the grill, the kebab and roast beef slices were cooked in two minutes. This instant grill function is very convenient and fast. It is suitable for 5~7 people to sit and grill while eating. It is really lively.