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To eat more barbecue is not healthy, 7 tips to teach you not to worry

             I often hear people say that eating barbecue is unhealthy. This argument is actually wrong. It should be an irregular roasting method and unscientific pairing is unhealthy. It is recommended to use HJMK sea poly kamado kamado braising oven and indirect braising. Barbecue in a way to ensure that the meat is not easy to lose moisture, not easy to burn, and the most important thing is that the roasted meat is more tender. Buying the right barbecue grill, using scientific vegetable collocation and barbecue methods, is the best choice for health and safety. How to eat barbecue to be safer?

             After all, compared with other cooking methods, barbecue is too high in protein and belongs to high-fat food. Now most people have problems such as overnutrition and obesity. Moreover, the fat content in barbecue is too high. Frequent eating of barbecue can make people become obese and increase the risk of high blood fat and high blood pressure. Although the barbecue is delicious, you must restrain your desires. It is okay to eat occasionally.

2. Choose clean energy, gas, electric grill

             If you use a charcoal stove to grill, it is easy to produce carcinogens during the grilling process, but for some reason, many people think that burning charcoal produces smoke! But I don’t know that charcoal is the most unhygienic way to grill! The other is that charcoal grilling can reach a high temperature of several hundred degrees. It is easy to scorch the surface. Proteins will be split into amino acids at high temperatures, and amino acids will mutate into harmful substances at high temperatures. This is the biggest hazard of eating barbecue. To avoid this, you can choose gas or electric grill instead of charcoal grill. In this way, the temperature can be controlled very conveniently. Nowadays, many barbecue shops use electric grilling instead of charcoal grilling, which can not only avoid the generation of oily smoke, but also ensure the health of the grilling staff. If you are grilling at home, it is recommended to use the HJMK kamado braising oven, braising is the healthiest barbecue method.

3. Don't just barbecue

             The reason why barbecue is harmful has a lot to do with the fat in the barbecue. In order to make the barbecue more healthy and safer, you can roast some vegetables at the same time as the barbecue. The nutrients in the vegetables are very rich, which is beneficial to human health. In addition to grilled meats and grilled vegetables, you should also eat some seasonal vegetable stir-fries and fruit platter, so that the entire diet can be considered healthy.

4. Don't eat the burnt meat

             Roasted meat should not be eaten because it contains harmful substances. You should bring a pair of scissors with you when grilling meat. If the edge of the meat is burnt, you can use scissors to cut it off. The best way is to master the heat and roast the meat just right, so that there is no waste and no health risks.

5. Choose lean meat for barbecue

             Fatty meat is too high in fat, so when choosing roasted meat, you should choose lean meat as much as possible instead of fatty meat. Although the fatty meat is delicious when grilled, health is more important than health. If the lean meat is roasted indirectly, the roasted meat is also very tender and delicious, and it melts in the mouth.

6. Use indirect roasting instead of direct roasting

             Indirect roasting means that the food should not be in direct contact with the fire. The food is slowly roasted through the heat conduction method at the edge of the fire or with objects in the middle. Because any kind of meat is grilled with an open flame and high temperature for a long time, harmful substances will be produced, and these harmful substances will threaten human health. So indirect roasting and slow roasting are the most scientific and healthiest.

7. Try not to drink liquor

             Barbecue is a high-calorie food. At this time, if there is a large amount of alcohol, under the dual effect, your health will be prone to problems. Drink a small amount of beer, juice or boiled water when grilling. Fruit juice can quench your greasiness, boiled water can quench your thirst. If you drink too much liquor, it is not friendly to the liver and other organs, so don’t drink it.

             On the weekends, meeting a few friends around a HJMK Kamado braising oven, eating barbecue and drinking cold Coke beer, is a very good way to relax.