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Cabin holiday BBQ party

Being in a fast-paced, noisy and busy metropolis, occasionally makes people feel tired and want to escape. Is there a quiet and beautiful place where you can temporarily give the noisy soul a spiritual journey of relaxation and decompression, so that people’s body and mind can be completely relaxed between the switch of community and alienation? Whether you want to find quiet time alone outside, or have fun with your family; or spend your honeymoon with a couple, or meet your friends to play golf, hunting, fishing and other activities. These activities can help people stay away from the hustle and bustle for a short time, let go of their spiritual burdens, and find inner peace through the time spent with nature. Perhaps you have already bought a private cabin in the forest, or you are planning to rent a cabin resort area and spend a wonderful slow life time in a cabin in the forest with your family and friends.

When traveling on vacation, in addition to relaxing and enhancing emotional communication with family and friends, you must also take care of yourself and your family s’stomachs. It couldn’t be better to have a fragrant, rich and colorful barbecue party. It is inconvenient to bring too many items on holiday: a few  clothes for changing, electronic products such as mobile phones and cameras; pre-marinated ingredients, sauces, drinking water and portable grill are enough.

After chatting with relatives and friends in the cabin, you can also go fishing and hunting in the lake. The results of the prey can be used as barbecue ingredients (remember that protected wild animals are not on your prey list).

Lunch is ready to start, take out the portable gas grill, turn the switch on to start the ignition, put the ingredients in the grilling net, and close the stove lid. After calculating the barbecue time according to the raw and cooked temperature of various foods, you can wait for lunch now. During this period, you can also do a lot of other lunch preparations: such as preparing snacks and drinks, preparing barbecue dipping sauces, and setting the table plate and chopsticks.

After the barbecue is finished, open the grill lid, then the smell of barbecued meat and the mysterious atmosphere of the forest are mixed, complementing each other, then a nice cabin BBQ party starts. . .