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The difference between charcoal grilled kamado oven and HJMK sea poly kamado oven

             Hello, everyone, I am @ Oven Jun. Today I will introduce two high-end ceramic grills. To be precise, they should be braised grills. What is the difference between braised grills and our ordinary barbecues? ? Simple understanding is the difference between indirect roasting and direct roasting. The biggest feature of braised roasting is that it can lock the moisture of the food and retain the original flavor of the ingredients to the greatest extent. The roasted meat is more tender and juicy.

             I always believe that braising is the trend of future barbecue development. Braising ovens have been developed abroad for many years and are a very mature product, but they are relatively rare in China. However, there have been many braising ovens in the past two years. Slowly enter the market. Today we will compare and analyze their differences and advantages and disadvantages in all aspects. If you want to buy, how should you choose? Today we will introduce two of the best-selling ceramic braising oven products on the market.

             Today, I will introduce a 22-inch outdoor medium and large braising oven with a diameter of 57cm.

             One is a 13-inch small braising oven that can be used in the kitchen, and its diameter has reached 35cm.

Barbecue Outdoors

             These two products use two different heating methods. The 22-inch model uses charcoal, and the meat is heated by charcoal. Because it uses charcoal, he can only barbecue outdoors.

             His advantages: 1. Larger size, suitable for parties of 5-10 people. 2. The higher the temperature, the faster the roasting speed, up to 300ºC. 3. The diameter of the furnace body is up to 57cm, which can roast large pieces of meat. 4. Charcoal burning is more smoky.

             His shortcomings: 1. The charcoal is too large and the volume is too large to use it with a large yard and large balcony. 2. It is inconvenient to carry and can only be used outdoors. 3. It takes more than 30 minutes to use cumbersome ignition and preheating.

             So I think he is more suitable for friends who have a small yard or a larger balcony at home. Of course, hotels, homestays, and barbecue shops are also particularly suitable for me.

             The small 13-inch braising oven has a diameter of 35cm, which is larger than the rice cooker and adopts an external heating design.

             His advantages: 1. The external thermal design has a wider range of use, and can be used indoors and outdoors. 2. It can be heated in the kitchen with gas stove, alcohol stove and electric ceramic stove. 3. One more function, in addition to braising, you can also bake.

             His shortcomings: 1, only supports 2-5 people. 2. It uses clean energy for heating. The biggest regret is that there is no smoke or gas. 3. The stove at home wants to have barbecue every day, and it is easy to get fat! !

             Based on the above analysis and personal judgment, I think that choosing the right one is the best.