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Avoid open flames and food contact so that grilling is safer

             In the hot summer, the temptation of “beer + barbecue” is irresistible. Why can food be grilled so that people can’t stop it?Irregular barbecues are potentially harmful to human health. The following is an interview report from the Chuzhou Evening News.

             Zheng Peifen, director of the Nutrition Department of Zhejiang Hospital, said that the temperature of barbecue is higher than that of ordinary cooking, which will produce different aroma substances. The amino acids and some carbohydrates in meat will undergo Maillard reaction at high temperature to generate complex aroma substances.

             Studies have found that fat also affects Maillard reaction, and some fat-soluble flavor substances are also left in the food. At the same time, meat foods tend to have higher fat content, so they can maintain a soft and tender taste after roasting. This is why the fat and lean pork belly is grilled, which is better than pure lean pork.

             Zheng Peifen said that as long as the food contains carbohydrates (starch, sugar) or fat, and protein (amino acids or amines produced by the degradation of amino acids), whether it is cooking operations such as frying, roasting, braising, frying, or food processing This reaction may occur in any heating treatment.

             Generally speaking, the darker the food becomes when it is heated, the “stronger” the Maillard reaction and the more acrylamide produced. Although barbecue is delicious, the heating temperature is high, and some harmful substances may appear. For example, meat food may produce polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heterocyclic amines at high temperatures. Therefore, people often say that “barbecuing harms Jiankang”.

             If you want to minimize the risk of grilling hazards while enjoying the delicious food, you can try to do this: avoid open flames and food when grilling; avoid overheating and smoking; flip frequently when grilling to prevent coking; eat more green leaves while grilling vegetable. In addition to meat, when baking starchy foods, you should also pay attention to the temperature, and don’t pursue a crispy or even burnt taste.

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