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What Is Grilling?

What Is Grilling?

What is the definition of Grilling? How is it different from Barbecue or any other outdoor cooking technique? In this article we will tell the definition of grilling and the difference with other technique.

Definition of grilling

Barbecuing is explained as a fast dry heat cooking method that uses “a lot of direct radiant heat”. Frying in a pan or baking tray uses direct conduction heating, while grilling uses radiant heat.

The grill temperature usually exceeds 260°C/500°F, so this is a fast cooking method that you must watch carefully.

What really makes grilled food taste better is the browning of protein and sugar, which creates beautiful colors and extra flavors for meat and vegetables. This browning occurs when the food temperature exceeds 155 °C/310 °F.

The difference between grilling and barbecue

The difference between grilling and grilling is temperature and cooking time. Grilling is fast cooking at high temperature, while barbecuing is slow cooking for several hours at low, indirect heat.

Another significant difference between the two cooking methods is the quality of the meat.

Hard and fat meat requires a long and slow cooking process to break down collagen and other tissues, making the meat juicy and tender. This is why we use larger and cheaper cuts when grilling.

On the other hand, lean or tender meats, chicken, and seafood need to be cooked quickly at high temperatures to raise the internal temperature to a safe level without making them dry.

The following is a list of foods suitable for grilling and barbecue

Which meat to use for grilling

Hot dogand sausage

Fish, shrimp and oysters on half shell


Steak and ribs

Boneless chicken, turkey or duck

Which meat to use for barbecue

Whole pork shoulder and ham

Spare ribs-pork or beef


Whole or half goat, beef or pig

Whole chicken, duck and turkey