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Delicious Russian Kebab

                From Russia all the way to the west, through Central Asia and Eastern Europe, to the Mediterranean Sea. On this route, a word called “Sashilik” is unimpeded. It will appear in any restaurant. In these places, “Sashilik” is another exotic roasted meat kebabs. It is said to be from the charcoal grilled meat. It is tender and juicy. It became very popular after it was introduced to Russia in the middle of the eighteenth century. One of the representative cuisines of Russia.

                How popular is “Shashlik”? You only need to learn this word to guarantee that you will not die from starvation when you travel across Europe and Asia. Eastern European and Russian barbecues are mainly Caucasian style, basically every food are grilled, including vegetables and mushrooms.The most popular is the moderately fat, tender and delicious pork neck. The Caucasian barbecue is carefully marinated before grilling. Common ingredients include: salt, pepper, coriander, thyme, basil, cumin, and bay laurel Leaves, peppers, onions, olive oil.

                Compared with the small Chinese kebabs, the Russian kebabs are like this: Russians use a large barbecue skewer about 40 cm long to pass through pieces of bacon the size looks like half fist, a piece of meat is equivalent to 4-5 times that of domestic barbecue. Compared with the more ingredients, the Chinese barbecue with very fancy marinating methods uses everything from spices to nectar, while Russian barbecue uses very few seasonings, and the meat relies on pepper, garlic, Various chili powder seasoning. Although the Russian barbecue is simple in seasoning, it can bring out the super delicious meat. The fragrant sauce and the right tenacity of the meat form a full flavor. Russian kebabs have a rough, open-minded and sultry demeanor, and the big and heavy taste reveals an original breath, which makes people feel the unique dominance of this nation while trying Russian kebabs.

The main ingredients of Russian skewers:

                A large handful of cakes, one and the other make a good green onion. Chopped fennel, coriander leaves (cilantro leaves), basil, thyme, one kilogram of meat with hot pepper, is the best raw meat to stir. It is the original seasoning: salt (or sea salt large grain salt), red sweet chili, ground black pepper, crumpled fresh osmanthus sakura leaves, fresh white pepper (a small amount). .After stirring in a small pot, you can grill it immediately.

                A series of large pieces of cake and pork are placed next to each other and mixed with spring onions according to the meat. Vegetables and spices follow the first approach. Put it on for -3 hours, a group of iron equipment can be roasted on fire.

                Large pieces of cake ingredients and pork are placed next to each other in a row, and the spring onions are mixed according to the amount of meat. Vegetables and seasonings are the same as above, except that Gui Ying is not included. Try to put brandy after stirring in a small pot. Leave it for about 1 hour, and grill a group of iron on fire .

                In this way,Such kind of the Russian meat kebabs are not enough to be grilled with HJMK 13-inch Kamado grill. It is estimated that 3-5 skewers will full fill the ceramic grill. Lucky that HJMK 22 inch kamado is quite fit for it.