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Choose a perfect kamado grill for kitchen used

There are various kinds of kamado grill in the market.How to choose a perfect kamado grill for kitchen BBQ used?The following information is some suggestions for your reference:

Material options:

Barbecue ovens are mainly included metal iron and ceramic materials:metal Kamato ovens are lighter than ceramic kamado, they are sturdy, durable, and resistant to fall and wear; but they may be rusty after a long time used; Cast aluminum Kamado grills are not prone to rust.

The ceramic oven is made of traditional high-temperature-resistant clay. Ceramics with a thickness of 2-2.5CM can provide super heat preservation performance for the food, and also make the grilled food heated more evenly and not easy to burn; the only drawback is the ceramic material, when used without paying attention may have the possibility of cracking, and the heating and cooling cycle mode may produce slight cracks in the ceramic; usually, if you pay more attention to the process of use, the ceramic kamado is still very durable; even if there are micro cracks, can still used for ~5 years.

Size options:

The 22~29 inch large kamado grill is suitable for multi-person gathering BBQ party. It offers enough food area and has different grill divider in the center; the disadvantage is that it is too bulky and cannot be used as a portable take-out. If the family has a large population and there is a suitable backyard garden as an outdoor kitchen, this large-size kamado oven is a good choice; a single barbecue can provide food for 6-10 people;

The small oven is the opposite. It is suitable for small barbecue occasions for 2~5 people. A single barbecue can not put too much food; the advantage is that it is light and portable, and can be used on occasions such as traveling for picnics and RV self-driving. If you live in a high-rise apartment, HJMK mini gas Kamado BBQ is an ideal choice. The troublesome ignition process is omitted, the grill mode is started with one button, and the temperature can be switched between large and small fires at will ; Less smoke and easy to clean.Even used in indoor kitchen can keep your kitchen tidy and clean!

Gas grill or charcoal grill:

As a mainstream barbecue method, charcoal grilling is loved by the majority of barbecue enthusiasts; and because the burning temperature of charcoal is higher than the gas grilling temperature, it is more suitable for grilling large lump of brisket and other whole barbecue meats; As the charcoal grill is relatively dry after burning , Very suitable for ordinary barbecue and smoked. The smoke produced by burning charcoal can give food a unique barbecue flavor. The disadvantage is that it is more troublesome to use, including the preliminary ignition preparation, need to pay more attention to controlling the fire, and need to clean the charcoal basin after the barbecue.

Gas grill have become more popular in European and American countries in recent years. It is simple and quick to operate, one-touch to start the barbecue, and the barbecue temperature can be handled at any time, and the tedious work of adding charcoal and charcoal is omitted; it is safe and healthy, first of all, it has no charcoal, and the food is grilled cleanly. Secondly, the firepower is well controlled, and it is not easy to cause troubles such as food burning and raw. Finally, the material after complete combustion of gas are only water and carbon dioxide, which is non-toxic and non-polluting, and can be eaten with confidence. The disadvantage is that the gas grill cannot be smoked, and the grilled food are not as good as the flavor of charcoal grilled food.

Do you have a perfect barbecue grill purchase plan in your mind?